Here you will find videos of teachings and conference calls where we discuss Firstfruits, Feasts and other topics related to God's calendar and His Cycles of Blessing.  


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Purim 2020

What does Purim mean to us today?  


Purim is a story of national  deliverance, of divine turnaround, and sudden favor.  

These wonderful things came about because of a young girl's devotion to God and 

a willingness to risk it all in the midst of political and spiritual warfare.  Sounds a lot like 

what we're facing now, doesn't it?  God's Word always has answers for us!  

And don't forget to celebrate on March 10, 2020

Declare the Divine Turnaround in your life and for our Nation

Celebrate Deliverance and don't be in fear

Have fun with your kids - Read Esther using groggers and noisemakers

to "boo" for Haman and "cheer" for Mordecai

Have an Esther FEAST!

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Shevat 5780

Advent, Hanukkah & Christmas 2019

Advent, Hanukkah & Christmas

Kislev 5780

Join Debbie Taylor, Rachel Wilkins and Laura Judah as we discuss the month of Kislev


 Join Rachael Wilkins, Debbie Taylor and Laura Judah as  we discuss the  beginning of the new Hebrew year 5780. The first of Tishri is  Firstfruits and Feast of Trumpets. 


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