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Firstfruits is a key to walking in the prosperity God has for us.  It has to do with both understanding who we are and the present time that we are living in.  Proverbs 3:9-10 instructs us that if we will honor the Lord with our wealth and all the FIRST of our produce; then our barns will be filled with plenty and our vats will overflow with new wine.  That is an awesome promise!   

This section provides many resources for helping you to understand Firstfruits.  Feel free to browse the materials for each month, join us on our monthly FirstFruits call, learn about the Feast of Firstfruits and why you are called a firstfruit.  


Sivan 5780


Characteristics of the Month

  • Sivan is the 3rd month in the Hebrew calendar
  • Pentecost celebrates the giving of the Word and the Spirit
  • A time to receive new boundaries
  • The Tribe of Zebulun - understanding business and increasing prosperity
  • The Letter Zayin is associated with receiviing mercy for completion
  • It's time to connect your walk to your talk

Monthly Firstfruits Call for Sivan 5780

 This is the month we celebrate Pentecost.  God is preparing His people  to begin this new era in strength and the power of the Holy Spirit.  The  tribe of Zebulun is prominent this month representing an anointing for  business and prosperity.  God has a lot to say right now! 

Special Feature

The Bible describes the tribe of Issachar as "men who understood the  times with knowledge of what Israel should do."  More than ever, we need  to people who understand what to do in our day.  In this video,  Rachael, Debbie and Laura discuss what the Issachar anointing is and how  to develop it in your life.