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Firstfruits is a key to walking in the prosperity God has for us.  It has to do with both understanding who we are and the present time that we are living in.  Proverbs 3:9-10 instructs us that if we will honor the Lord with our wealth and all the FIRST of our produce; then our barns will be filled with plenty and our vats will overflow with new wine.  That is an awesome promise!   

This section provides many resources for helping you to understand Firstfruits.  Feel free to browse the materials for each month, join us on our monthly FirstFruits call, learn about the Feast of Firstfruits and why you are called a firstfruit.  


Kislev 5780

Characteristics of the Month


  • Tevet is the 10th month on the Hebrew calendar.  
  • It is represented by the Hebrew letter Ayin, which pictures an eye and a spring.
  • Kislev is associated with the Tribe of Dan
  • The constellation in view during this month is Capricorn, the goat
  • This is a month to develop pray for our Commander in Chief
  • It's a good time to fast to purify your blood

Monthly Conference Call

This year Hanukkah began in Kislev but ends in Tevet.  The end of Hanukkah leads us right into the New Year of 2020.  

Hanukkah celebrates a great victory over destruction and oppression.  It begins with hope for a miracle and ends with the miracle of God's mercy poured out, His response to great faith.  As we move through Tevet and into the new year, let's stake our claim on God's infinite mercy and His righteous rule that brings restoration.