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The Feasts are God’s Appointed Times of celebration with His people. The Hebrew word mow‘ed, translated as “feast" means, “appointed time, appointed place, appointed meeting.” In other words, God intended these feasts to be an “appointment” with Him. 

The  feasts are times for ascension; God calls us upward, inviting us to go higher with Him so that we will get to know his higher ways. They are also a “dress rehearsal” for events to come. When the Israelites were celebrating Passover, the things God told them to do were prophetic acts that symbolized Jesus’ death and resurrection. He did this so that years later, they would recognize Him. He has done the same thing with the fall feasts. They are full of prophetic acts that are meant to help us recognize the time and signs of His second coming.  It is especially important for us, the end-time generation, to prepare ourselves to meet our Bridegroom when He comes again. 

The goal of this section is to equip you to understand the symbols and acts the Lord ordained for these feasts so that we can correctly interpret the times and recognize the movement of God in our day. The feasts are not here to lock us into tradition, they are here to liberate us into greater intimacy with our Lord and Savior.  


Most Recent Feast

The Festival of Lights


  • Hanukkah begins on the 24th of Kislev
  • It signifies a season of renewal and new beginnings
  • Represents:   Religious Freedom Restored

Jerusalem secured

Miracle of Oil

  • Time of Jesus' Conception - the Light of the World
  • Time to defeat persecution to regain identity  
  • Miraculous Provision

Advent, Hanukkah and Christmas 2019

Join Rachael Wilkins, Debbie Taylor and Laura Judah as we discuss the origins of Hanukkah and how these 3 traditional celebrations actually compliment each other.  What is God saying to us today is woven throughout these events and should be quite encouraging to all!