Cycles of Blessings

Time; Gods calendar, seasons, constellations, lunar cycle

God's Calendar is Full of Blessings

God is the originator of time though He Himself is outside of time.  He is not bound by the clock or the calendar.  Yet, for us to function, He knew we needed a way to keep track of time.  He wrote His time keeping mechanism in the sky using the sun, moon and stars.  Using the Hebrew language, men began to associate names and numbers to the months and years.  Unlike the English language, Hebrew letters and numbers are very symbolic, giving new meaning to each month/year combination.  This serves not only as a way to keep track of time, but a way for God to speak to us, to instruct, warn and bless us.  Also, as part of His calendar, He has set appointed times, known as the Feasts of the Lord, which are times we are called to meet with Him corporately, so we can be blessed in His Presence and He can tell us about His plans for the upcoming season.  

At the dawn of 5780/2020, we entered a completely new season, a new decade and a new era that is being called "The Era of the Kingdom."  This section is intended to help you understand God's times and seasons so you can stay in step with Him and be blessed to be a blessing.  


Learning the Firstfruits Principles and understanding what's on God's heart each month gives us the advantage of living out of the current revelation and wisdom God is releasing.  


God initiated the Feasts as times for His people to come together and celebrate with Him.  They are for ALL His people for ALL time.  They provide a framework for the season ahead and keys to unlocking what God wants to give us every year.