The Hebrew word, kairos, refers to an appointed time, a strategic time.  It is a point where time and destiny meet.   NOW is  God’s appointed time!   He has marked our generation for His purposes, to build His Kingdom in the earth!  The Kingdom of God includes, but is not limited to, the Church.  It’s time to move beyond the four walls of the church and establish the Kingdom in all sectors of society.  For too long the Church has been content to stay hidden in our safe place and remain largely ineffective!  It’s time to go out and gather those that Jesus died for.   It’s time to overturn the evil and wicked structures that have reigned in the earth using fear, deception and death.  God’s people are arising to bring forth the victory of Jesus: Love, Life, Peace and Joy.  God’s Kingdom is Joyful, it teems with Life.  It is a place where people are healed, relationships are healed, finances are restored, strongholds are broken, people are made whole, all because Jesus died and shed His Blood for us!

God is releasing the desires of His heart to His people.  He is releasing His voice in many ways.   The call He has given me is about training up the next generation to prepare them for Jesus’ second coming;  This is not only for children, but for the next generation in regards to maturity in the Kingdom.  Jesus is coming back for a pure, spotless Bride.   God is about to do some amazing things in the earth; things that have never been done before.  God is awakening His Bride and crying out for a great harvest of souls.  He is stirring the hearts of children and youth.  He is releasing judgment for the purpose of cleansing and purifying His people.  We must get to know Him in a whole new way.  He is the Limitless God!

Father God is extending His hand to us and calling us to partner with Him in His works.  He is looking for people that will let go of their own agendas and pursue His.  God has His eye on over 52% of the world’s population that is under the age of 15.   He is pouring out His spirit on His sons and daughters and releasing them do mighty exploits in His Name.  He wants to make us ready to receive Him.  He wants to use us to overcome evil with good.  God is calling the young ones to come forth!  He is calling for a global children’s movement to begin.

He also says that at this time, before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord, He is restoring the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers.  Malachi 4:6

At this unique and critical time of history, it is so important that we are listening to the heart of the Father and training our kids specifically for the days ahead.  We cannot train kids today the way they were trained 10 or 20 years ago.  Father God is releasing the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation to all who have a heart to hear.   He is training us to hear His voice in a new way and He is speaking about His end-time strategy.  We need to go beyond our last understanding and let Him lead us to higher ground.  We will need new methods and new materials to train this end-time generation.

I am a passionate homeschooling Mom of two precious children, a 11-year old daughter and a 9-year old son.  We have homeschooled since the beginning and amazingly, the years have flown by too quickly. My Father’s World formed the basis of my curriculum in our early years.  Overall, we love this curriculum, but God has directed me to deviate at certain points and develop many of my own materials.  We have added lots of lapbooking for Bible and History to our days.  We love to make crafts and do projects, many of which you can see on our sister site, www.ChampionBuildersCenter.com.   Some of my products are for sale on the RESOURCES page.  Many others are waiting in the wings to be edited and completed.  In God’s timing, it will get done!   These materials could be used by homeschooling parents, Sunday school teachers, and missionaries.  The goal of our teaching must be to train the kids we love to love God wholeheartedly, obey without compromise, know who God has made them to be and reach the fullness of their destiny.

Before having my own children, I had the great privilege to serve many kids through church programs and Vacation Bible Schools.  I also spent a year in South Africa teaching in a rural Zulu pre-school.  This experience was one of God’s special gifts to me.  I long to see those little African faces again and to bring them the message of hope through Jesus, our Messiah.  I love being a Mom, but I also have a missionary heart.  I strongly support those that are out there being the hands and feet of Jesus to the poor and needy.  I am praying that God will raise up our family to work together to bring the Good News in power to the lost and hurting right here in our region and then, throughout the world.

Our family has had the great privilege of sitting under the best of today’s apostles, prophets and teachers.  Those include Chuck Pierce and the Glory of Zion ministry team, Mike Bickle and the International House of Prayer, Bill Johnson and the Bethel Team, and Graham Cooke to name a few.  I believe we are part of the end-time prophetic generation and the things that I will be sharing with you will come from that point of view.  The Bible says of those who have been given much, much is required.  I want to be a faithful steward with the spiritual riches I have received and freely give them for the benefit of others.  I pray that this blog will touch your heart with the Love of God and draw you into deeper communion with Him, that you may truly know your kairos moments and fulfill all your destiny!




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