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Loving God: The First and Great Commandment


Loving God:  The First and Great Commandment –  This unique study is designed to teach your elementary and middle school children how to become lifelong Lovers of God.  The First Commandment was given by God to ensure that we would always make Him top priority in our life.  It is of utmost importance to God, yet it is often misunderstood and clouded by our cultural traditions and mindsets.   It is a concept that can be hard to explain in concrete terms to our children.  In 20 lessons, this study breaks down what it means to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.  Each lesson contains a short discussion with practical examples from the Word and then makes use of scripture worksheets, booklets, drawing  and cut/paste pages to give substance to and to illustrate these biblical truths.  We are raising a generation of children that will face difficulties and be used by God in ways that no other generation has in the past.  This is a great tool for feeding them Truth and stirring up their passion to be wholehearted lovers of our Mighty God!
Discovering Life in the Polar Regions

Discovering Life in the Polar Regions – This exciting lapbook project takes your children on an adventure to the coldest, harshest parts of the earth. You will explore the geography and the plant, animal and sealife that exists at the poles, along with discussing the magnetic fields and the auroras. The teacher’s guide contains all the information you need to complete the booklets as well as many internet links with videos, games and topics for additional research. You can feed your children’s love of learning through creativity as they construct 19 booklets to put in their lapbooks. It’s a project the whole family will enjoy!

Adventures at Fort Faithful
Looking for something fun to do with your kids? Here’s a great AT-HOME summer camp idea. Build a fort, play silly games, and make some crafts while discovering God’s ability to protect us and keep us safe. ADVENTURES AT FORT FAITHFUL, based on Psalm 91, takes advantage of activities kids love to create teachable moments. And it’s mom-friendly – everything you need to make a successful camp is included in the preparations section, along with links to help you, if need extra inspiration. Daily activity ideas are supplied for five days. Adventures at Fort Faithful is an easy and inexpensive way to provide a lasting summer camp experience for your kids right in your home!

Extreme Weather Lapbook


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A fun and exciting lapbook project to help your elementary-aged children learn about storms, whirlwinds and hurricanes.  Includes a teaching guide from which answers to all the mini-book questions can be answered, as well as links to interactive weather-related websites.  The Bible study section teaches your child that God is Lord over EXTREME WEATHER and why we don’t have to be afraid of the storms.