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During the inspection of our house, prior to purchase in 2007, we discovered that the well had run dry. We choose to drill a deeper well and have a storage tank installed. That was the beginning of God speaking to me through my well. It was a prophetic picture for my land, but I believe it was also a picture of the church. We were dried up, withered and without anything to release.

spring up o well
Over the last eight years, there have been several messages the Lord has given me through the operations of my well. My declaration has always been, “Spring up, O well!” as I trust the Lord to use this land for His Kingdom purposes and to make His Body fruitful once again. On 1/29/16, I had gone to bed but was woken up by my dog about 20 minutes later because she had to go out. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 11:03. When I opened the door to let her out, the sound of gushing water startled me. Curious and bit worried, I went to have a look and was stunned to see water overflowing from the storage tank and shooting up into the air. I stood there for a few moments collecting my thoughts and feeling thankful that the Lord had woken me up in time to shut it off before it created a flood. I cut off the pump and figured it was safe to leave the problem till morning. As I walked back to the house, I heard the words, “This is the time of overflow. Spring up, O well has become a reality. I have awakened you in the eleventh hour, now you will overflow.” I began to laugh and praise God! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. I went back to sleep feeling refreshed and rejoicing. The next day, when the well repair guy came out, he found nothing broken! He made an adjustment to the position of the float, but there was no repair bill!

I declare over each of you and your families,THIS IS YOUR TIME OF OVERFLOW. In Proverbs 3:10, He speaks of causing our barns to be filled with plenty and our vats to overflow with new wine. We will overflow with provision. Holy Spirit will bubble up out of us and onto those around us. We will overflow in our gifts and talents, in signs, wonders and miracles. Where there has been loss or lack in our lives, the Lord is filling us up and causing us to overflow!

He is breaking the slumber of His people and we are awakening to Him in a new way. As we wake up, return to Him, give Him free reign in our lives, He is using us to release His glory all around us! God is going to make Himself known through His people, we are the demonstration of His loving-kindness to a hurting world. When He spoke of the eleventh hour, I believe it referred to the end-times release of God’s goodness in the earth; He has saved the best for last. And it was 11:03 – the hour had just begun! God is going to keep surprising us with the displays of His kindness, love and care. His love is amazing! OVERFLOW!