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The Pathway Into His Presence

by Laura Judah

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Laura Judah does an excellent job of taking her vast wealth of revelatory knowledge of this deep subject of God’s Feasts, and describes it in a very understandable way.  It is one of the most practical presentations of how God wants us to deepen our relationship with Him through seeing Jesus in the Feasts that are fulfilled, and the ones Jesus is yet to fulfill.  We are having a rich and wonderful time using her book to focus us in on the various aspects of communing with Jesus’ Presence through the truths of His Fall feasts.  This is having a profound eternal impact on our lives.

Jon & Tanya Dorris
Founding Directors of YWAM Austin Liberty Frontiers
Ordained Ministers

We live in a time where there is a hunger; almost instinctive desire to return to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  A yearning to know our Hebrew roots from a cultural aspect and to be able to read the Bible with a depth of understanding that brings greater revelation.  Laura Judah has captured the essence of the “Fall Feasts of God” from a cultural and Biblical understanding.  She is a true teacher that has penned the simplistic beauty of God’s appointed meeting times with His children.  God’s Fall Feasts is a must read for anyone seeking a greater understanding of the Hebrew culture or just desiring to make the connections between the Old and New Testaments.  Knowing how Jesus will fulfill these feasts gives one a greater perspective of the completed work of the cross, resurrection, and coming of our Savior.

Gregg and Machelle Barnes
Regional Directors, BURN 24/7 Texas

Table of Contents


1. The Invitation

2. God’s Appointed Times

Origin of the Feasts
Understanding the Seasons
Kept in the Dark
The Hebraic Calendar

3. The Book of Joel and the Fall Feasts

4. The Feast of Trumpets

Yom Teruah – The Memorial of Blowing
10 Days of Awe
Rosh Hashanah
The Sound of the Shofar

5.  Yom Kippur – The Day of Atonement

Duties of the High Priest on Yom Kippur
Cycles of Judgment and Restoration

6.  The Feast of Tabernacles

Types of Tabernacles

7.  Celebrating  the Feasts

Book Synopsis

Have you wondered about the seven feasts God describes in the Book of Leviticus? Did you notice that God calls the feasts perpetual statutes to be observed through all generations?  God, our Father, never intended for these feasts to be only for the Jews; they were meant for all of God’s children throughout time.  Each feast had a natural significance, as well as prophetic significance.  God’s Fall Feasts reveals the prophetic symbols and acts hidden by God in the feasts for us to discover.

God has written His calendar in the sky so that His people would know how to live in His blessings. Unfortunately, most people think that reading the signs in the skies are for pagan religions and don’t pay much attention to them. This book uncovers the truth about God’s biblical calendar and the cycle of blessing associated with it. The feasts are part of this yearly cycle. They are times set aside by God to meet with His people. Specifically, the Fall feasts represent the last days in which we are now living. By observing them, we are actually preparing for Jesus’ arrival. God’s Fall Feasts seeks to awaken hearts to the beautiful invitation God has given us to draw near to Him during His appointed times so that we can stay in time with Him and be the Bride who makes herself ready. Are you ready to meet Jesus face to face? There is much to prepare for the glorious day of His return; understanding the Fall feasts is essential to the process.

In a very practical way, God’s Fall Feasts connects the Old and New Testaments to show how Jesus is revealed in the feasts. It conveys the longing of the Father’s heart to dwell with His people and to present His Son with a Bride. It expresses the need to awaken to Truth and come out of worldly and religious structures. Using the stories of the Exodus and the Exile, it demonstrates the cycles of God’s deliverance and judgments, emphasizing the urgent need to return to the Lord, both individually and nationally. The chapter on the Feast of Tabernacles surveys all the tabernacles mentioned in the Word and how they provide the pathway into God’s Presence, culminating in the New Jerusalem. It showcases Jesus as our tabernacle, our portal to Heaven. The book concludes with some practical suggestions for celebrating these feasts individually and with family.

God’s Fall Feasts is a wake-up call to the people of God to awaken to truth that has been hidden from the Body of Christ for far too long. The Holy Spirit is stirring hearts to return to Christ and return to the Word of God so that we can partner with Him as the last days unfold. It is vital for parents to train up the next generation to understand God’s timing, the significance of the feasts and God’s plan for building His Kingdom. It is not the time for “business as usual.” God is doing a new thing and He is looking for those that will be conformed to His ways, not the ways of the world. If you’re tired of “doing church” and superficial religion, this book is for you. It will challenge you to shift your thinking, align yourself with God’s timing and begin to live the adventurous life God created for you. God loves to celebrate, and His feasts are times of great joy and gladness. They are times of intimate communion with His heart and they are times to focus on the glorious eternity He has prepared for us. When you align with God’s appointed times, you position yourself to live from glory to glory!