Time to Bring Forth What You Have Seen

16 August 2012
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God releases prophetic vision to those He chooses so they can lead others to bring the vision into manifestation.   When God gives the vision, it is for the purpose of allowing the recipient to “see” what God sees.  If then, they obey God, God will provide all that is necessary to make the vision a reality according to His timing.

Abraham was an example for us.  In Genesis, God had told Abraham five times that He was making covenant with him and that He would multiply his seed to possess the land.  Like us, Abraham struggled to believe this at times.   He tried to make things happen.  Then in Genesis 22, God invited Abraham into a new level of revelation.

“…God tested Abraham and said to him…”take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering ….”  Gen 22:1-2

Moriah means ‘chosen by God, seen by God.’  God wanted Abraham to ‘see’ that He would provide all that was needed to secure the covenant He made with him.  In the place where Abraham stumbled and tried to figure out how to “have a son” thereby producing Ishmael, God had to prove Abraham.  Would Abraham really believe what God had said and could he trust God to provide?

This time Abraham obeyed perfectly.  He told Isaac, “God will provide the lamb” for the sacrifice.  “Provide” is the same word as SEE, the Hebrew word Ra’ah.  Even though God’s instruction seemed to contradict His promise, Abraham lifted his hand to slay Isaac.  Abraham was no longer relying on his own understanding.  God stopped him (at the last minute) and then drew his attention to the bush where the ram was caught.  Now Abraham could SEE what God provided and he offered his sacrifice.  Abraham called the place, “The Lord Sees.”

Abraham caught God’s vision.  He SAW what God SAW.  His faith had come to a new level and he trusted God rather than looking for an alternative sacrifice, one that he could create.  Abraham had been proved and now God was able to release provision to him.  The whole experience was not about the offering, it was about obedience.

In these last days, in this season of seeing (Ayin),  God is calling to all who will see with Him.  He is releasing a new wave of prophetic revelation (also called The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation), regarding His end-time plan.  He is looking for partners that will believe Him even when His instructions seem contradictory to His promise.

In Daniel 11:32, God says, “But the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.”

When you look at the Hebrew words for “know” and “exploits,” you find the true meaning of this verse is,

Those who have ‘seen’ with their God will bring forth what they have seen!

V 33 – Those who have gained this understanding through prophetic revelation will be considered wise and successful in God’s eyes.  God will allow them to teach and instruct many.

God is releasing supernatural wisdom, revelation, and vision for those who will partner with Him to bring forth His Kingdom. He wants us to SEE what He sees, the future of His Kingdom.  We get to partake of the glory that He has prepared, but we also get to share in the sufferings.  Verses 33-34  go on to say that those who have understanding will also be persecuted, taken into captivity and killed.  But God will be their victory.  He will send the Holy Spirit and angels to help them.  They will be few in number but mighty in strength.  Many deceivers will join with them in an attempt to weaken and divide their forces.  Some of them will stumble (as Abraham did), but it will be for the purpose of purifying them and proving them to be true.  This is promised for the appointed time – the last days – our day!

Oh Lord, open our eyes that we may see what You see, that we may gain prophetic vision and build Your Kingdom!


Sealed With Fire

24 May 2012
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Ring of Fire 05_20_12

Set me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm…Its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the Lord.  SOS 8:6

As I was reading Song of Solomon this morning and came to the verse above, the Lord quickened to me  the picture of the solar eclipse this past weekend…the moon encircled by the sun was called “ring of fire.”   He showed me this is the prophetic picture of the “seal” of marriage to Jesus…the completeness of this season, the Bride (moon) equally yoked to Jesus (Sun)  in voluntary love.  Jesus the Son, perfectly aligned with His Bride.  His fire seals us because we have chosen to submit to Him completely.  

It is symbolic of this Pentecost when Jesus is baptizing His Bride with the Holy Spirit and with fire (Luke 3:16).  “When the day of Pentecost had fully come…and there appeared to them tongues as of fire…and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit was giving them utterance.”  Acts 2:1-4 

The fullness of time has come for the first wave of the Bride to be unveiled, Jesus is placing His ring of fire on Her finger, and the Holy Spirit is releasing a fresh baptism that will fill our mouths with a new sound.  We will speak what the Father speaks, when we open our mouths He will fill it. 

Jesus declaring the maturity of His Bride to those that have gone through this wilderness season with Him.  It is His declaration that we have completed our season and have gained our identity.  Our cry for the First Commandment to be reality in our hearts has been answered.  We have withstood the temptations, we have thrown away other gods, we have surrendered our rights to Him and given Him our all.  We now carry the fullness of His heart in us and He is releasing new assignments to minister to the rest of the Bride, those that have not yet been awakened as well as the unbelievers, out of the Holy love of God.  It takes God to love God and that fullness is in us.  It takes God in us for us to love the Church and Israel and that fullness is in us.  We have become the nurturers, the spiritual mothers and fathers for the next generation (not by age, but by their maturity in the Kingdom). 

We now possess a confidence and boldness that we have not had before.  We have been tested and tried and found true.  Our hearts have been purified by His grace.  We are truly One with our Beloved and He entrusts us with this ministry knowing that no longer will we pursue our own agendas, but we will listen to the voice of the Bridegroom and minister from the intimacy of our relationship with Him.

Oh, let us celebrate this Pentecost with great expectation and confidence in our Beloved, let us love as we have been loved.  Let the harvest begin!


God Paid Peter’s Taxes and Mine!

28 January 2012
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In my last post, I told about our $5100 tax bill that is due on January 31.  Given our current financial situation, we had no way to come up with that amount of money.  This was one of those situations where there was no option but to trust God.  God has taught me to truly trust Him over these past few years.  By that I mean putting the issue in His hands, and going about the rest of my business with childlike faith that my Father would take care of the issue.  I was able to experience freedom from worry and anxiety, yet I had no idea what God would do.  

Yesterday, the provision came and our tax bill will be paid in full! This is nothing short of a miracle.  Glory to God, our faithful Father!  He has demonstrated His faithfulness to provide for all our needs, but even greater than that, He is making a statement to whoever will have ears to hear.  I went to bed rejoicing and in awe.  When I woke this morning, I felt the need to look at the story of Jesus instructing Peter to go fishing where he would find the provision for his two-drachma tax.  What He showed me was astounding.  

In this story, Jesus was teaching Peter about his identity.  God used this example in the civil (natural) arena, to make a point in the spirit.  The tax Peter was required to pay was the temple tax.  The temple and its services were products of the Mosaic Law and represented one form of worship and government.  However, the temple really belonged to God and Jesus pointed out that the sons of the king were exempt from paying taxes.  In essence, He is teaching Peter that he is a son of God and since the temple belongs to God, he is not required to pay taxes.  This teaching comes directly after Jesus tells the disciples that he is going to be killed and then raised on the third day.  He is saying the old form of worship is about to pass away and the sons of the God are going to be revealed.  A new form of worship and government was about to be established.  

So as not to hinder the new thing God was about to do, God told Peter “I’ll give you the money to pay those taxes (because I’m your Dad), and then no one will be offended.”  There was no reason to create unnecessary trouble over taxes at this point.  Only the sons needed to know who they were and that they were really seated above the government of that day because they belonged to the King who owns it all. 

God is saying the same thing to me, to you and to all His children today.  God owns it all, He owns the land that our houses sit on and He is restoring His covenant promises with His children and with the land.  He is saying the old system of man’s government and religion is about to end and God’s Kingdom government is going to be established.  His Kingdom is advancing! Jesus is coming soon!   God will provide for the needs of His children because we are the ones He is using to bring His Kingdom to earth, just as He brought the Church into the earth through Peter and the other disciples.  We must begin to see ourselves as those that are truly seated with Him in heavenly places far above all rule and authority and power and dominion.  We are to take dominion in the earth, not be dominated by it.  Yet, as Jesus demonstrated, we submit to God’s rule and authority and therefore, carry out His plans in humility, love, and order.  Today, I will pay my taxes not as a victim of heavy taxation, but as a child of God who has received God’s provision and chooses to humbly pay my taxes so that my Father’s will can be accomplished on earth. 



Leander Ablaze!

17 June 2011
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Credit: Jason Womack

The Lord awakened me early this morning with these words, “Leander’s Ablaze for the Glory of God!”

As fire kindles the brushwood, as fire causes water to boil, to make Your Name known to Your adversaries, that the nations may tremble at Your Presence!  Isaiah 64:2

Yesterday, around 12:30 pm, a brush fire broke out in the Grand Mesa community of Leander which is just a couple miles behind my house.  Because of extreme drought in Central Texas, the dry and brittle land is ripe for fire.  Though we don’t yet know how the fire began, we saw its effect as it combined with high winds and quickly spread to encompass 60 acres and threaten 800 homes.  Helicopters and firefighters worked diligently for hours with the help of many surrounding areas to contain it.  People were initially evacuated from their homes, but by around 6:30 pm, they were allowed to return.  This morning the fire is contained, but is still burning.

The Lord has been saying to me, “Leander is ripe unto harvest.”  Today, I’m seeing that Leander, and Texas in general, is truly “Ripe Unto Harvest.”  We are like the brushwood….dry, brittle and ready to burst into flames for Jesus!  The fire of God’s glory is being poured out on Leander and Texas, just like the flames of fire appeared on the disciples at Pentecost.  The flames are a visible sign of a spiritual reality.  This is the season of Pentecost, it is God’s appointed time to meet with His people.  He is doing a new thing.  God is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh.  People’s hearts are being softened and they are thirsty to know the True and Living God.

While we pray for this physical fire to be contained, we also pray that the spiritual fire of God’s glory continue to spread like wildfire.  We now cry out for the Lord to rend the heavens and come down.  Open the heavens and send the refreshing rain of Your Spirit, not to quench the fire, but to release greater dimensions of Your Spirit and bring renewal to the dry, broken hearts of the people.  Cause life to spring forth from the ashes of our lives.  Where there has been destruction of families, loss of all kinds, pain and suffering, let the river of Life flow and bring healing.  Wash away the pain and sadness, the guilt and the shame, O Lord Jesus.  Let this land flow with milk and honey once again.  May fruitfulness and abundance come forth from the earth, may our hearts be united to Yours, Lord Jesus, so the Nations may tremble at Your Presence.  May every Laborer hear the call of our Father, take up their post and sound the alarm.  Just as firefighters worked tirelessly, let those that have been prepared as ‘fire starters’ begin to release the fire of God in their communities until we see the fires come together and all of Texas burns for His Glory!    Spread the Good News, The Son of Righteousness has arisen in our midst and He has healing in His wing!  Salvation is a FREE gift, share it with everyone.  Jesus is coming…..soon!


Seeing Your Provision – A Lesson from Moses’ Tabernacle

1 June 2011
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The Holy Place is where the priests went to meet with God.  The only light in the Holy Place was the menorah, a symbol of Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit gives light to illumine our path.  Across from the menorah was the Table of Showbread. Each week twelve loaves of bread were placed on the table, one for each Tribe.  This table symbolized God’s provision for His people.  The key here is that the provision could only be seen because of the light of the menorah, or the Holy Spirit.

God has placed provision on your path, but the only way you can ‘see’ it is by the illuminating light of Holy Spirit.  We must be able to ‘see’ the path, and then receive the creativity and direction Holy Spirit is giving.  We follow this path of illumination in faith and we expect to find the blessing that’s been laid up for us.

This is the key to living a supernatural life full of God’s blessings.  We must learn to draw near to listen, enjoying the fellowship of His Presence and fullness of His joy.  It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  We live in freedom, amply supplied, nourished and blessed by our Father!


Be Still

25 May 2011
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Word released at Glory of Zion on 5/22/11…..

The Lord says, “Be still and watch Me seat you in a place to laugh at the enemies that have been in your path.  I am preparing a release of joy for My people.  They will laugh at their last failures and blockages.  This release of joy from you becoming still in your spirit will get you across and to the other side of your storm. I will give you a strength to overtake the enemies that you have been battling.  My people are filled with dangerous emotions.  I want to settle their emotions so that their minds will think the same way that I think. Unless they allow Me to deal with their dangerous emotions, they will miss many blessings that I have for the future.  Many will end up striking the rock as Moses did out of a dangerous emotion instead of speaking to the rock, causing them to miss their door of entry for this season.  Tell My people to be still. I am calling for a Jericho stillness.  This warfare call is important for the future of My people.  If they will come before Me for seven straight days and allow Me to still their hearts and quiet their spirits, that which has been invincible in their past and has kept them from moving into their future will fall before them . Tell My people to still their hearts before Me.”

Be still … and know that He is God.  Psalm 46:10


Unbridled Power

12 September 2010
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“In this year of 5771, we are entering a new season of unbridled power.” James 1:26 says, “If anyone thinks himself to be religious, and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man’s religion is worthless.” James 3:3 adds, “Now if we put the bits into the horses’ mouths so that they may obey us, we direct their entire body as well.”

The Holy Spirit is the One Who gives us power and He is the One Who controls the release of that power.  The power can only be unbridled when we have yielded ourself to Him, when we have turned over the reigns of our life to Him and said, “I am Yours.”  Our affections, our desires, our old mindsets can hinder the work of Holy Spirit in our lives.  He is looking for those that He can whisper a word and we obey; He can give a gentle nudge and we turn our course.  Father God wants us to “Come Up Higher” to a new level of power and authority, but these will be ours only when we have fully yielded “our rights, our dreams, our desires,” to His control.

This short video clip is a perfect visual of yieldedness.  Picture yourself as the horse and Holy Spirit as the rider.  Enjoy the beauty!


Your Appointment Awaits You

2 September 2010
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This article was written and published by Francis Frangipane on Sept 1, 2010

Appointed Times
In spite of escalating turmoil in our world, there remains one last, great outpouring of mercy during the end times (see Matt. 24:14; Acts 2:17). This supernatural season of grace has been predetermined. It is an “appointed time” of the Lord.

For those unaware, an appointed time is, in truth, an open display of the sovereignty and power of God. In it we discover with absolute certainty that nothing is impossible for God. For this is a season when God fulfills His will on earth, fulfilling in the process His promises, and the hopes and dreams of His people.

The Psalmist wrote, “But You, O Lord, abide forever, and Your name to all generations. You will arise and have compassion on Zion; for it is time to be gracious to her, for the appointed time has come” (Ps. 102:12-13).

There is an appointed time coming for Israel, and an appointed time for you and me. If the Lord has promised, He will certainly bring it to pass.

Recall: Abraham and Sarah had waited in faith for a quarter of a century for the promise of God. Finally, as they neared one hundred years of age, the Lord told Abraham, “At the appointed time I will return to you . . . and Sarah will have a son” (Gen .18:14). One year later, “at the appointed time” (Gen. 21:2), Isaac was born to aged parents!

While there are, indeed, appointed times of judgment (see Mark 13:33), the phrase most frequently represents a time, preset by God, when He reveals “wonders, plans formed long ago, [that unfold] with perfect faithfulness”(Isa. 25:1).

Demons may stand arrayed against the Lord; nations may align themselves to fight Him. It does not matter. He who sits in the heavens laughs. For He makes “all things [His] servants” (Ps. 119:91). Even His enemies’ plans for evil are reversed and made to serve the purpose of God (see Gen. 50:20; Rom. 8:28; Acts 2:22-23).

If God gave you a vision, a spiritual hope or dream for your future, there will be an appointed time when that which God spoke comes to pass. Thus the Lord assures us,

“Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run. For the vision is yet for the appointed time. It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; for it will certainly come, it will not delay” (Hab. 2:2-3).

If you have a vision or promise from God, that vision also has a time of fulfillment. Write it down and place it where you can see it every day. Though it tarries, wait for it. For it will certainly come to pass at the appointed time.

Appointed Servants of God
When the Lord manifests Himself openly in an appointed time, He actually moves through a power grid He established in hiddenness during the time of preparation. His work appears suddenly, but its preparation may have taken many years. Either way, an appointed time flows through appointed people. He predestines the time of their breakthrough in advance, even as He works silently within their hearts in preparation.

Consider the Lord’s word to His disciples: “You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain” (John 15:16).

Every disciple feels that, at some point, he or she chose Christ. Yet, the deeper truth is that God chose us before the foundation of the world and has been working in us. At the appointed time we choose Christ, but only after He chose us (see Eph. 1:3-5). We could not even come to Christ had not the Father drawn us (see John 6:44).

Yet, He who chose us also appointed us to bear much fruit. The same power that worked surrender in us and then inspired our faith continues to work in our hearts throughout our days, appointing us to bear fruit. The idea that we can just sit quietly in church is a deception. You may look at your life and feel unfruitful. But God is not done with you yet. Do you believe God has chosen you? Then believe also that He has appointed you to bear fruit.

The Enemy’s Work
One may argue, “But I know people who were good Christians who have fallen away.” Yes, but in many cases you will find that, at some point, they fell into deep disappointment about some failed spiritual expectation. Disappointment is not just a sad, emotional state of mind; deep disappointment actually can sever our hearts from faith. It is the enemy’s work. Demonically manipulated disappointment can actually “dis-appoint” a person from God’s destiny for their lives.

I have known many who were doing well, moving toward their appointed destiny. The future God had for them seemed almost close enough to taste. Then they became disappointed in someone or something. By accepting into their souls this demonically manipulated disappointment, their faith turned dormant; a bitter winter took over their souls. It is here, even in the throes of disappointment, that the righteous learn to live by faith (see Hab. 2:1-4).

We all face times of disappointment. I went through a time when the promise of God seemed like a foolish spiritual fantasy. For nearly three years I had not been involved in pastoral ministry. No doors would open. God was doing a work in my soul to cause me to trust Him, but I felt abandoned and cut off from my calling. In a moment of abject honesty, I prayed, “Lord, You promised that those who believed in You would not be disappointed. Master, You know all things. Look at my heart. I am full of disappointment.”

The Lord simply replied, “You’re life is not over.”

Of course, I knew that. I was a healthy young man not older than forty. Yet, the spell of disappointment had flooded my soul with darkness, causing me to conclude erroneously that God was done with me.

Listen well my friend: Satan can stop our destiny if we accept the power of disappointment into our lives. Once we accept the heaviness of a deep dis-appointment, backsliding is often not far away. You see, dis-appointment cuts us off from our vision, and without a vision people perish.

Are you carrying disappointment in your heart? Renounce it. Forgive those who have let you down. Have you personally or morally failed? Repent deeply and return to your Redeemer. Holy Spirit, I ask You to remove from my brother and sister the paralyzing sting of disappointment!

Beloved, the Spirit of God has come to release you of the effect of the dis-appointment. He reminds you, your appointment with your destiny is still set.


Pressing Out Our Faith

1 September 2010
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Faith is evidence of what we believe; it is seen by others in our actions.  Faith establishes a proof of what we believe; as such, today’s most difficult challenge is my most accurate measure of what I truly believe. Our prayers and actions must be established this way. Any approach established primarily on desire, rather than on God’s Word and His will, yields disappointment, even unbelief.

Quote from Shirley Weaver, A Clear Trumpet 3/16/09

In difficult times, we must ask ourselves, “What do I really believe?”  In other words, our faith gets tested.    We want to believe God is always good, but when hard things happen, it can be hard to keep believing.  That, my friends, is how God tests our hearts.  He wants us to see our own heart condition and choose Him even when circumstances are not good.

We all have many desires. If we are allowing God to direct our hearts, then our desires probably are aligned with God’s promises.  We long to see God’s promises come to pass, plans for good, not evil, plans to prosper and not to harm.  However, in the process of attaining the promise, the Lord allows the testing which can look like evil and harm.  Yet His promise is for good, for greater anointing and ability in Him – just what we really desire.

I’ve gone through some very difficult seasons and experienced my share of anger.  The emotion of anger was very real, born out of complete frustration and inability to understand God’s ways. I hear many today that are facing circumstances that are difficult and they’re saying, “I feel angry with God.”   We wrestle with God and the seeming contradictions between promise and circumstance.  We look for reasons that our mind can understand.  We want to blame someone because someone has to be at fault for all the pain and difficulty we are experiencing.   If we can’t find someone else to blame, we end up blaming God.  Then we try to bring our case before Him and defend ourselves.  Job tried this with God.  But God never responded to Job’s defense, He just pointed out that His ways were a bit higher than Job’s and Job’s response ultimately was, “I didn’t know what I was talking about, I will just be silent.”  Sometimes, when we don’t understand, we just need to be quiet.  We need to trust God to work it out and focus our energy on loving Him.  We must wrestle through the emotions that try to keep us away from Him and press into His presence.

In our hardships, our Father is lovingly doing a work in us for our good.  It is something awesome.  We cannot see the finished work yet.  Our confusion and inability to understand make us so uncomfortable.  The “hard season” may go on way longer than we expected.  But truly, we have staked our claim on the Creator of the universe!  Has He ever failed to deliver on His promises?  No, He is trustworthy.  We think we can’t go another day, but He knows just what we can bear.  We can’t see the provision that is right under our nose, but He has already positioned it there for us to find.  The mystery of our God is profound, and He has given all the heavenly help we need.  Our challenge is to dig deeper and find out just what resources we have.  Our resources are often spiritual ones that we don’t understand yet.  Actually, we may not even value these spiritual resources much because we’re so caught up in worldly thinking.  We think in terms of our material world, we look for the “ways and means” we’ve always used to solve our problems, but there are heavenly solutions.  God has given a heavenly host to surround us and work on our behalf.  He has released grace for us to stand.  He has given His Word that is living and active.  Holy Spirit is in us and He is able to bring enlightenment to the dark corners of our thinking.  When we are pressed, we have the opportunity to learn how to tap into this realm and “connect” with heaven.  We can learn how to communicate and interact with angels.  Just because we don’t fully understand this, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  God has given us gifts that we haven’t figured out how to use!

Our Father sees our struggles, He knows our weakness, yet He does not condemn us.  Jesus weeps with us, but He has an answer for us.  Let us not stop at tears and sorrow.  Let us press on to the Joy set before us, the joy of having Christ in us, the hope of Glory!  Let us enter into hope-filled discovery of every spiritual resource we have been given.  Then labor to enter into His rest.  May we continually remember His faithfulness and have confident expectation that when He has tried us, we shall all come forth like gold!   Those who hope in the Lord shall not be disappointed!


Never Give in to Self-Pity!

14 August 2010
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By Chuck Pierce

August 12, 2010

The opposite of confidence and worth is self-pity. Self-pity occurs when we feel we are warranted to receive but get passed by. This can occur in our natural or spiritual life. Self-pity helps define our moment or, may I say, cause us to miss our moment. We feel we are deserving or entitled to a blessing, and we lose faith when we see a blessing slip past our life.

One of the best examples of self-pity is the crippled man at the Pool of Bethesda (see John 5). Jesus knew his full condition and then, through Peter, asked the man if he wished to be healed. The man began to explain why he had not and could not be healed. Jesus seemed to quit listening to his self-pity and healed him anyway.

We can easily lose sight of God’s promises when we are in difficult situations. This is often how we get off target in seeing God fulfill our prophetic destiny. Even though the Body of Christ goes through great times of testing, we are not to grow fearful and be discouraged. The enemy takes advantage during our testing periods by using a strategy to discourage us. Discouragement breeds hope deferred, which makes the heart sick. When we have a measure of hopelessness within us, we lose our expectation of God.

“Future” and “expectation” are synonymous. Our future is linked with an expectation of God moving. This is a time for the Church to have its expectation level renewed and raised to another level. Isaiah 59 and 60 are wonderful prayer guides for us to follow to see this happen in our lives. Hope must transcend and move into faith. Faith produces overcoming. Overcoming leads to a demonstration of God’s power and a manifestation of His promises.

The Cycle of Self Pity

Prophecy unlocks our future. But once we get wounded or experience loss, we can lose sight of our future. The biggest demonic force that we have to contend with is self-pity. Self-pity draws attention to our loss and keeps us from seeing God’s glory manifested in our life. Instead of our loss directing us to God’s continued perfect plan for our life, our self rises up and causes us to say, “Pity me for what I have lost.” Any time we experience loss, trauma, wounding or injustice, we can either choose to live with a belief system that God can heal and forgive or we can allow our mind-set to form rejection, self-defense and self-pity.

During times of loss and wounding, we have a tendency to accuse God for the trauma that we are experiencing. The power of this accusation leads to a type of fatherlessness. Instead of experiencing the spirit of adoption, we feel abandoned and lost. From our self-defense, we actually form a rebellion to authority. We also become unteachable. We have a mind-set that says, “No one understands me or what I am going through.”

We also begin to think that there is no solution to our problem. We wake up thinking, “There is no way out.” We fall into apathy because we have no hope of healing or restoration. Since we know that we should be living a godly life, religious mechanisms become a solace to us. We may even gain a martyr complex and say, “O woe is me. This is my cross to bear. Look how heavy is my cross.” This type of thinking causes us to not fight when we need to fight. Instead of fighting and advancing, we become a slave to comfort and the status quo. We forget that we are called to fellowship with Christ’s sufferings-a type of fellowship that leads to His resurrection power manifesting in us.

Losing sight of the love of God causes us to turn to self. God’s love forces us to deal with these thoughts born of our self-pity. I have experienced enough freedom in my own life to know when I am not free. Faith works by love. Once we experience God’s liberty and love, we will be able to resist that call from self to be pitied and be able to overthrow hope deferred.

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