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Why Should You Celebrate Firstfruits?

26 February 2012
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Celebrating Firstfruits, or any of God’s Holidays, is not about trying to be Jewish.  The call to celebrate God’s Holidays is a call to know God more intimately.  When Father God established His Feasts in the Old Testament, He was not establishing ritual.  He was ordaining a time of blessing that was organic.  In other words, each time we gather to celebrate with Him, He brings something fresh, something new and living, with which to bless us.  If we choose not to celebrate, He’s not going to be mad at us, but we will miss out on having a great time with our Dad. 

 Firstfruits is a principle in the Word of God that means we bring God our best and He blesses the rest.  When the Jews celebrated, they offered God the first portion of their crops and livestock and then trusted Him to bless and multiply the rest.  The first portion of anything is special and we honor God by giving it to Him.  We meet with God at the first of each Hebrew month to hear what He has to say about this period of time.  Each month has significance in God’s calendar and it’s a blessing to hear His direction.  He gives us what we need to be successful in our journey through life.  Many people rely on horoscopes to give them insight to what’s going on, but God created the stars and set them in place to create the constellations.  God created the moon and ordained its orbit.  These are signs in the heavenlies that communicate God’s message.  Horoscopes are the devil’s counterfeit.   

 The Hebrew name of the month, represented by a Hebraic letter, is a pictogram.  The “picture” of the month gives insight into its meaning.  Each of the twelve months are also linked with one of the twelve  tribes of Israel.  The characteristics of the month are driven by the characteristic of its tribe as described in the Word.

 So what does all this mean?  God’s plan is a plan of redemption and blessing.  He has set “appointed times and seasons” for us to meet with Him and receive revelation so that we can fulfill our destiny.  His cycles of blessings are meant to take us from one level of glory to another – glory to glory, strength to strength.  I like to picture it as a spiral that leads upward toward heaven.  Each year we celebrate the same feasts, but if we are moving with God through His cycles, we are celebrating on a higher level each year.  We continue to gain revelation as we go through the cycles. 

 The Firstfruits celebration is a time to gain strategy. If we will set apart the first of the month to celebrate with Him, God will reveal what to watch out for and how to pursue our destiny to its fullness.  God wants to give you the keys to increase and multiply in your life.  He wants you to succeed!  He wants you to regain what the enemy has stolen from you.  He wants you to understand how to work with the angels. 

 You may ask why you haven’t heard much about this if it’s so important.  The truth is that God’s Feast times are something that the enemy has wanted to keep a secret;  so, using the religious spirit, he sought to convince the early church that these were “Jewish” and they didn’t belong to “Christians.”  He wanted the church to believe that these were the old dispensation so that we would miss out on the blessings that Abba Father wanted to give.  He was very successful at this – for a time.  But now, God’s people are hungry for Truth.  By searching the Word, one cannot escape the emphasis on celebrating God’s Feasts.  Hunger has caused people to ask the Holy Spirit the important question – “Are these relevant for us today?”  And He is responding by restoring this revelation to the Body of Christ.  There are many that still have not understood it, but God wants all His people to know the Truth.  He wants all His people to receive His blessings.  This is how we will become the pure and spotless Bride of Christ.  God is restoring Truth to His people.  If you don’t yet know anyone that participates in these feasts, begin to ask Holy Spirit to teach you and lead you to others that have this understanding.  He will certainly do that and then you can be one that leads others to their blessings. 

 This is the season to step into all God has to offer.  Don’t miss your blessings.  Celebrate Firstfruits!

For more on this subject, get A Time to Advance by Chuck Pierce and Robert and Linda Heidler


When the Decree is Sent Against You – CELEBRATE!

16 March 2011
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Are you facing a life-threatening situation?  Is the world crumbling around you?  Are you feeling utterly defeated?  Well, then it’s time to celebrate!

This is exactly what God prescribes as a cure for our plight.  The book of Esther reveals this secret plan of God.  The wicked scheme of Haman was about to be carried out against the Jews.  For centuries, the Amalekites, the family line of Haman, hated the Jews and sought to annihilate them.  Finally, Haman saw an opportunity to carry out this plan and the King approved it.  When Esther and her uncle Mordecai found out about the plan, they sought the Lord with fasting, weeping, and repentance.  Esther had only one hope, she had great favor with the King.  So instead of running to him with tears and pleading for his help, she invited him to a feast, a celebration.  The King took great pleasure in this opportunity to celebrate with his beloved Esther and so asked her, “What is your request?”  With great wisdom, Esther invited him to a second celebration.

During this second time of feasting, Esther exposed Haman’s plot to kill her people.  The King, outraged by this discovery, and used the very tool, the gallows built by Haman to hang Mordecai, to hang Haman.  With Haman removed, Esther now pleaded for the evil decree set against her people to be revoked.  The King gave Esther and Mordecai his authority to overthrow the evil decree.  Word was sent to all the Jews throughout the land giving them the right “to assemble and defend their lives, to destroy, to kill and to annihilate their enemy.(Esther 8:11)”  So it was on the thirteenth day of Adar (March 20 this year) that the Jews destroyed their enemies.

The principle is this:  In order to overthrow your enemy and the life-threatening situation you face, first, seek God in fasting, prayer and repentance.  Make sure your heart is pure before Him.  Know that you have great favor with Him.  Second, celebrate Him in praise and worship, declare His majesty and unparalleled power.  Speak His Word, which is your weapon.  His Word, spoken by you and with His authority, overthrows the evil decree set against you.  Celebrating allows you to overcome fear, you gain boldness in His Presence.  The enemy trembles when you begin to celebrate and declare the greatness of your God.  He knows what is to come when God is roused.

The Bible tells that the month of Adar is a month which turns sorrow to joy and mourning to a holiday, that we are to make these days of feasting and joy and send presents of food to one another and gifts to the poor.   The Jews call this The Feast of Purim, an appointed time!  (Esther 9:22, 31)

God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  As He told the Jews to celebrate to overthrow their enemy, so He tells us.  Come into His Presence with joy and thanksgiving, listen to hear the strategy He will release, speak it out, then celebrate some more and watch your enemies fall.  Declare “My fear shall laugh!”


The Day of Atonement

17 September 2010
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The fall feasts were given to create a pathway into God’s glory.  They give us a four-step countdown to bring us into His presence:

  • The Feast of Trumpets – A Wake-up Call
  • The Days of Awe – A Time for seeking Him
  • The Day of Atonement –  A Day to be Restored
  • The Feast of Tabernacles – A week to experience Glory

God established His calendar to take us through this countdown every year so that we would be drawn closer and closer into His presence.

For the past 10 days we’ve been in a time of reflection and repentance.  This has been a time to turn from anything that hinders your walk with God and return to Him wholeheartedly.  After coming through these days of repentance, we enter a season of springtime.  It’s a season to experience a fresh release of the life and blessings of God.

Today at sunset begins The Day of Atonement, or Yom Kippur.  It is a day to put all of your sins under the blood of the Lamb and be fully restored to God and His purposes.  The Jews under the old covenant did this by having the high priest offer the blood of a goat as a sin offering. The death of Jesus brought fulfillment to this law but did not abolish its observance.  In fulfilling this ordinance, Jesus opened this promise to all who would believe and filled it with fresh significance.

“But when Christ appeared as a high priest of the good things to come, He entered through the greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, … and not through the blood of goats and calves, but through His own blood, He entered the holy place once for all, having obtained eternal redemption.”  Heb 9:11-12

Unlike God’s other “appointed times,” the Day of Atonement is not a feast, but a fast.  It is not a day to rejoice and celebrate, but a day to humble yourself before God by fasting.  God specifically tells us that observing this day is not a temporary ordinance, but a lasting one.  It is no longer necessary for the sacrifice to be made year after year.  Jesus’ sacrifice was made “once for all.” Yet, God desires that we experience His atonement afresh every year.  Atonement opens the door to His presence.  He wants us to remember the sacrifice Jesus made so that we can be forgiven.  God tells us “Your sins and your lawless deeds I remember no more!”  We can now come to Him freely and experience His Glory!

If you have never accepted Christ’s atonement, today would be a great time to do so.  Receive your cleansing from sin and your eternal salvation by trusting in what He did for you.  Take this day to consider your present condition before God.  He says, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”  Ask Jesus, the Messiah to forgive you for your sin and cleanse your conscience.  Thank Him that His blood is more than enough to bring you back into right relationship with God the Father.  Ask Jesus to live in your heart by the Holy Spirit and to give you the grace to live in a way that honors Him all the days of your life.  Believe that this transaction has sealed your eternal redemption and rejoice forevermore!

For additional information on the Feasts of God, see “Messianic Church Arising” by Robert Heidler.


Unbridled Power

12 September 2010
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“In this year of 5771, we are entering a new season of unbridled power.” James 1:26 says, “If anyone thinks himself to be religious, and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man’s religion is worthless.” James 3:3 adds, “Now if we put the bits into the horses’ mouths so that they may obey us, we direct their entire body as well.”

The Holy Spirit is the One Who gives us power and He is the One Who controls the release of that power.  The power can only be unbridled when we have yielded ourself to Him, when we have turned over the reigns of our life to Him and said, “I am Yours.”  Our affections, our desires, our old mindsets can hinder the work of Holy Spirit in our lives.  He is looking for those that He can whisper a word and we obey; He can give a gentle nudge and we turn our course.  Father God wants us to “Come Up Higher” to a new level of power and authority, but these will be ours only when we have fully yielded “our rights, our dreams, our desires,” to His control.

This short video clip is a perfect visual of yieldedness.  Picture yourself as the horse and Holy Spirit as the rider.  Enjoy the beauty!


Rosh Hashanah

9 September 2010
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… In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, you shall have a Sabbath-rest, a memorial of blowing of trumpets, a holy convocation. Leviticus 23:24

Today is Rosh Hashanah, literally the “Head of the Year.”  We have entered the month of Tishri, the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar, but the first month of the civil year, 5771.  The previous month of Elul was a time of preparation, a time of examining our hearts and getting ready for the High Holy Days.  This month is considered a Sabbath month, a month of rest from our labors to gain insight into God’s direction for a new year.  From today until September 18  are the 10 Days of Awe, the holiest days of the Jewish calendar.  This is joyful time of celebration, but also a time for taking account, becoming awake and alert and looking forward.  This 10-day period culminates with the Day of Atonement, or the Day of Redemption, which is a day of fasting, cleansing and reflection.  Following that, from September 22 through September 30, we celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, a time of celebrating the deliverance of God and His nearness to His people.

God did not name this day as He did the other feast times, therefore it became known as the Day of Blowing (the shofar), or the Feast of Trumpets.  The sound of the trumpet is used as an alarm, a call to battle, a sound of victory, rejoicing and celebration.  The shofar is a ram’s horn and that symbolizes redemption.   God provided Abraham with a ram as substitute sacrifice when he was about to sacrifice his son Isaac on Mt. Moriah.  Then God provided His own Son, Yeshua, as the sacrifice to redeem us from sin and restore us to fellowship with God.

As Christians, we gain insight into the heart of God by observing these feasts.  They are appointed times designed by God to move us in a yearly cycle of greater dimensions of His Glory and Goodness.  As we set ourselves to align with God and His appointed times, we will learn how to move forward to fulfill our destiny and prosper.  As the end-times generation, it is vitally important that we learn how to move with God!  Throughout this month we will be looking at God’s NOW word to us for the new year.    The Hebrew year 5771 is the second year in the Season of Seeing.  May the eyes of our understanding be enlightened to see what God sees, hear what He hears and do what He does!

Happy New Year!


The King is in the Field

26 August 2010
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We are in the Hebrew month of Elul.  Elul is the 6th month in the religious calendar and the 12th of the civil year. This is traditionally a month of self-examination and repentance before the Lord in preparation for the High Holy Days of Yom T’ruah (The Day of Trumpets/Rosh Hashanah) and Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement.)

This is a joyful month, which is really good news following the month of Av!  The King is in the Field in this month.  God has made himself accessible to his people and He says, “I’ve come out to meet with you.”  In agricultural days, it was much easier to understand what “the King is in the Field” really meant.  People had an understanding of the land, the field and the daily toil.  Typically, the field was not the place where you would find the King.

The field represents our daily life – where you work, where you live, where you get your ‘bread.’  Often, we separate our worlds; where we work is one sphere and where we go to meet with our King is another.  Sadly, for many people, those two spheres rarely connect.  We understand that our daily life is mundane, but our times of celebration with God are holy.  It may be hard to see how the daily toil connects us to God’s overall plan for our life, but we must see that our workday lives are there to reveal the potential to build in us a home for God. We are to be ‘the temple of God,’ His dwelling place.  No matter what our profession, we carry Him with us and we demonstrate Him to our world.   When God instructs us to take one day out of seven for a Sabbath rest, He is calling us into the place were we can reconnect with the divine vision for our lives and be renewed in our purpose.  It is a time where we are to rise above the valley of work and ascend to the heights with our King.  From this elevated position, He can show us new things, and inspire our hearts. The feast days and Sabbaths are all appointed times the King has set aside to lift us up, fill us up and cause us to gain new perspective.

When the King is in the palace, there is a protocol for going in to meet with Him.  It is not something done casually.  We dress a certain way, we speak a certain way, we prepare our hearts a certain way.   During this month of Elul though, the King comes out to meet with us in our field.  If you’re on the battlefield, He will show up there, too!  It is not considered a Sabbath or a feast time, just the normal time of work, but God wants to show Himself strong on our behalf in our ‘daily grind.’  He has come to look upon our condition and the condition of our field.  How are we stewarding what He has given?  Are we in need of help?  Do we need to change the way we are doing things to become more effective and efficient for our King?  If so, now is the time to ask for help.  Now is the time the King’s ear is attentive to our cry.  He has made Himself available to us.

The King wants us to draw near to Him (and His Word). He wants to bless the work of our hands in the field.  He wants us to acknowledge Him as the very reason we are in the field.  It is the destiny that He has given us that drives us on!  Our labor is not in vain.  The King is very aware of our labor and He has come to let us know that we are highly favored.  Our work is of value to Him, for from it His Kingdom is being built and extended.  Our field is holy because of the King’s presence.

Let us rejoice as we commune with the King in the mundane of life.  Let us lift up praise and celebrate our King as He draws near to us this month.  Let us prepare our hearts for the High Holy Days that are coming next month that invite us into our next level of increase, revelation and authority.  We must remember that the High Holy Days begin with Rosh Hashanah, a time of judgment.   Prophetically, the fall feasts foreshadow Jesus’ return to the earth where He will judge the nations, separating those who have believed in and received His gift of salvation from those who have not. Jesus’ death and resurrection has made a way for us to be forgiven of our sins and be restored to perfect communion with God the Father.   We are called to enter into the spirit of this time, to examine ourselves, to take advantage of the nearness of our King, to repent and be restored, so that we may enter into the fullness He has prepared for us in these last days.  He is coming soon!  May we not be too busy to notice that the King is in OUR Field today!

One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek; That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple.  Psalm 27:4