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Hanukkah…A Time for Increased Anointing

7 December 2015



Yesterday we talked about the miracle of Hanukkah that occurred after the Jews, led by Judah Maccabee, defeated the Greeks.  The Greeks had abhorrently defiled the temple, but the Jews were determined to cleanse and sanctify it quickly so that worship of the God of Israel could begin again.  There was a bit of a problem though, because they only found one vial of oil.  It would take eight days to consecrate the oil before it could be used.  By faith, they filled the lamp with one vial of oil and the miracle occurred as that one vial kept multiplying so they were able to burn the lamp for eight days until the new oil was ready.  The miracle came about because the oil never ran out; instead, it increased.

Oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit.  It is the Holy Spirit that enables the miracles to occur.  If we are born again believers in Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit, then all we need is already inside of us.  Our part is to let the Holy Spirit increase in us.  What that really means is that we let go of our agendas and let God work through us by the power of His Spirit.  To most people, that sounds scary because we don’t know what to expect.  Ever since the Holy Spirit was poured out on the first Pentecost, people have been trying to control Him.  People have put God in a box.  They’ve said, “God, you can go this far, but no further.”  But God won’t be contained.  He knows exactly how to bring freedom to individuals and nations.  He knows how to bless and bring prosperity, liberty, and joy.  He wants to revive His people and that will happen when we let Him do it His way.  God said in Joel 2:28-29,

“In the last days I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind and your sons and daughters will prophesy, Your old men will dream dreams, Your young men will see visions.  “Even on the male and female servants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.”  

This Hanukkak, God wants to increase your anointing.  He wants to use you to manifest His Glory; He wants you to shine.  He is ready to release signs, wonders and miracles, revelation, dreams, visions, and prophecy.  He is asking us to submit to the consecration process.  If we will let Him remove the things that are hindering His work in us, He will cause that little vial to become BIG on the inside of you.  Greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world.  The darkness around us continues to increase, but the anointing on the inside grows brighter day by day.  We are created to shine like stars, to reflect the Light of the Son. Choose to consecrate yourself to Him.  Then receive the miracle-working power of God that will transform you and cause your anointing to be multiplied.  Believe and receive!




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