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The Memorial of Blowing

18 September 2012

Leviticus 23:24-25; Numbers 29:1-6

When the Israelites were in the desert, God commanded them to blow the trumpet on the first day of the seventh month.  He stated this was a holy convocation, a sacred assembly.  But why?  No reason is given.  He does not say that this ceremony commemorates anything.  To understand the intent of God’s heart for this Feast, we must look at how the trumpet or shofar was used throughout the Bible.  God’s Word does not signify whether the silver trumpet or the shofar should be used so we will consider both.

The following examples were excerpted from The Feasts of the Lord1 by Kevin Howard and Marvin Rosenthal.

  1. Assemble the tribes for breaking camp and setting out – Numbers 10:1-7
  2. Rejoicing at His sacred assemblies, feasts and New Moon (Firstfruits) celebrations – Leviticus 23:24; Numbers 10:10
  3. Gain victory in battle, assemble the army, sound the alarm for battle – Numbers 10:9; Judges 3:27, 7:22; Nehemiah 4:20; Ezekiel 33:3
  4. Coronation of a new king – 1 Kings 1: 34; 2 Kings 11:14
  5. The Day of the arrival of Messiah – Zechariah 9:14

In Leviticus 23:24, the literal rendering of this feast is “a memorial of blowing.”  A memorial is for remembering.  Considering the reasons for blowing a trumpet along with the call to remembrance, I believe that God is saying, “Remember that the Day of the Lord is soon approaching.  A great battle will precede His arrival and you must be prepare yourself for this battle.  The sound of the trumpet is the call to assemble for battle.  Assess your life.  Devote yourself wholly to me, be single focused.  All of hell will be set against you, but if I am first in your life, you have been assured the victory.  When the battle is over, I will take my place as King of Kings and there will be no more tears. Then together, we will shout a victory cry!”

An Awakening Cry

The shofar blast is deep, penetrating sound meant to arouse our spirits to attention.  It is an awakening cry, stirring us from our slumber and calling us to the battle lines.  Taking a look at Noah might help us to understand this time a little more.

Noah had received a word from God that judgment was about to come to the earth in the form of a flood.  Prior to this time, God had given the people many chances to return to Him.  He was always calling to His people.  This Word from God was a wake-up call for Noah, God had his full attention.   Noah was determined to listen to every word God said and obey it.  God gave him step-by-step instructions for how to save himself and his family.  The ark was built, Noah and his family entered the ark and it began to rain.  The people still stood mocking Noah.  How might Noah have felt at this sober time?  It must have been a great joy to Noah that he and his loved ones were safe, but imagine the horror of knowing that all the people that stood mocking would soon be crying out for their lives.  Noah’s heart must have been grieved.  For this reason, the Bible says in Genesis 7:16, “the Lord closed the door behind him.”  God knew that Noah’s heart of  compassion would not allow him to stand there and shut that door in the faces of those he knew, those that were going to die, those that suddenly wanted to change their minds about how they had been living.  Noah would want to save them, too!  Wouldn’t you?  But God’s word was final.  He shut the door.

This story gives us a glimpse into the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord.  There will be those who have mocked us, mocked God, lived unrighteously and never believed a word of the Bible who will suddenly have the door closed in their face on that day Jesus returns for His Bride.   And we, though we are assured a place around the banquet table of the Lord, will have a heart of compassion and feel great grief for them.  Then, it will be too late!  But today is still the Day of Salvation…..

So what does the Memorial of Blowing mean to us now?  How do we get ready?

First, we make sure our hearts are like Noah’s.  We ask Holy Spirit to search our hearts and reveal the things that are displeasing to Him.  Then we clean our house and receive forgiveness through Jesus’ blood.  The price has been paid for our sin once and for all.  We need only to receive it and treasure our salvation in Him.

Then, we determine to search out the mysteries of God’s heart.  He has given us the written Word, so that we can know Him.  He has given us Holy Spirit as a teacher and a light.  He has also promised us that when we seek Him with all of our hearts, we will find Him.  He has much to say about this time in which  we now live.  He wants us to know what is to come and to be firmly established in His Word so that we will not be shaken by the catastrophic events that are going to occur.

Finally, we receive the call to be God’s shofar!  We purpose to become the voice of truth that speaks wherever God gives us access.  The time is short.  It is no time to spare our family and friends from the truth.  We have the gift of salvation to share and share we must.  Those that refuse His gift of salvation will suffer greatly.  We are here on the earth to bring God’s love, light and life to those that have ears to hear in the midst of chaos and destruction. This is still the day of salvation and many are looking for Him….Yeshua, our Messiah!

Shana Tova!

1 Kevin Howard and Marvin Rosenthal, The Feasts of the Lord (Orlando, FL: Zion”s Hope, Inc., 1997), p 106-107.


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