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Pentecost…Power to Birth the Kingdom

27 May 2012

The Old

Moses received the 10 Commandments on Mount Sinai on Pentecost.  In the Old Testament this feast was called the Feast of Weeks.  We know that beyond the 10 Commandments, God gave Moses the details of His Law for living in the Promised Land.  The people stood at the base of the mountain and witnessed God speaking to Moses through billows of smoke, lightning, thunder and fire.  What they saw terrified them.  Exodus 19:16-22 gives us this account.

It was the giving of the Law that birthed the Hebrew people into the nation of Israel.  Without a Law, the people cannot be free.  God’s Law set their boundaries, it established their culture and assured their freedom, if they would obey it.  A culture without laws is lawless, it breeds fear and violence.  Proverbs tells us “Righteousness exalts a nation” (Pr 14:34) and ”When the righteous rule, the city rejoices “ (Pr 11:10).

The New

Forty days after His Resurrection, Jesus ascended to heaven and told the disciples to wait for the promise from on high.  They weren’t really sure what was going to happen.  Ten days later, they were all gathered in the Upper Room when the Holy Spirit came from Heaven with the noise of a violent rushing wind.  It appeared that the Holy Spirit rested on the believers like tongues of fire.  This was the gift of Holy Spirit given to the church. (Acts 2 and Joel 2)

This was 50 days after Resurrection Day and no coincidence that it happened at the same time that God had given the Law to Moses.  In the Greek speaking culture of Jesus’ Day, it became known as Pentecost.  For Moses and the Hebrews in the Promised Land, the law was given to point them to their need for a Savior, which would come many years later.  To those who believed in Jesus and the church that would grow through the ages, God gave the Holy Spirit to empower us to become like Jesus and lead others to Him.  For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever would believe in Him would not perish, but have eternal life.  (John 3:16)

Up until this time, God had dealt primarily with the Hebrew people.  But the giving of the Holy Spirit was for ALL who believed.  The giving of the Holy Spirit birthed a new entity in the earth called the church, Jew and Gentile, or One New Man.

The Law was given while the Hebrews were still in the desert with a promise that God taking them to the Promised Land.  They knew they would not stay in the desert forever and the Laws were given for the time when they would live in the Land.  They practiced the Laws in the desert, but they would be fully manifested in the Promised Land.  In the context of their day, part of celebrating this festival was to offer a wave offering of two loaves of bread made from their wheat harvest at a time when they weren’t yet growing crops.

The Now

The Holy Spirit was given to the Church at the beginning of the Church age with a promise of living eternally in the Kingdom of God.  We know that we will not remain on earth forever, but soon and very soon, Jesus will return to receive His Bride and we will rule and reign with Him in His millennial reign on earth and for all eternity in the New Jerusalem.  Our destiny is the Kingdom, but that is not reserved for some future day.  We are NOW entering the Kingdom age so that we can partner with Jesus to bring the Kingdom to earth as it is in Heaven.  The Holy Spirit was given on that first Pentecost, but throughout Scripture we can see that the promise of the power of Holy Spirit has always exceeded what we have witnessed.  In our day, a new fullness of time moment is occurring and God is releasing to us a new, fresh baptism that will allow us to accomplish God’s end-time purposes.  It’s not a “new” Holy Spirit, like something new we’ve never seen before, but it’s “new” in the sense of fresh, powerful, and relevant for our day.  Can you receive it?  Are you ready to believe for something new?

We, like the disciples of old, are waiting and expecting this outpouring, but we aren’t really sure of what is going to happen or what it is going to look like.  If we read the promises of what’s to come in the last days, we might be tempted to be fearful, but the Holy Spirit in us makes us bold, makes us fearless, so we can partner with Jesus to birth and build His Kingdom. Each of us has a dream in us, placed there by God, that is a piece of His Kingdom.  We birth the dream and then work with Him and His Body to see all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to manifest His Kingdom on earth.  He wants us to KNOW we have all that we need to be victorious through every trial and tribulation we will encounter.  But it’s not just about enduring the tough stuff, it’s about having joy, assurance of His Presence, peace and well-being, confidence in His love and great courage.  We are becoming the Pure, Spotless Bride, full of  the Love of God, fearless in the face of danger, and willing to lay down our lives for each other.  The outpouring of God’s Spirit this Pentecost and in the coming days will far exceed what we can imagine.  Stir up your expectation, receive the fresh baptism and get ready to build with Him! Let Him open your eyes to see what you could not see before, let Him move your heart to pursue what you could not pursue before, let Him fill your mouth so you can say what you couldn’t say before.  Surrender to Him and be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Lord, let your Kingdom Come!

Happy Pentecost!


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