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Why Should You Celebrate Firstfruits?

26 February 2012

Celebrating Firstfruits, or any of God’s Holidays, is not about trying to be Jewish.  The call to celebrate God’s Holidays is a call to know God more intimately.  When Father God established His Feasts in the Old Testament, He was not establishing ritual.  He was ordaining a time of blessing that was organic.  In other words, each time we gather to celebrate with Him, He brings something fresh, something new and living, with which to bless us.  If we choose not to celebrate, He’s not going to be mad at us, but we will miss out on having a great time with our Dad. 

 Firstfruits is a principle in the Word of God that means we bring God our best and He blesses the rest.  When the Jews celebrated, they offered God the first portion of their crops and livestock and then trusted Him to bless and multiply the rest.  The first portion of anything is special and we honor God by giving it to Him.  We meet with God at the first of each Hebrew month to hear what He has to say about this period of time.  Each month has significance in God’s calendar and it’s a blessing to hear His direction.  He gives us what we need to be successful in our journey through life.  Many people rely on horoscopes to give them insight to what’s going on, but God created the stars and set them in place to create the constellations.  God created the moon and ordained its orbit.  These are signs in the heavenlies that communicate God’s message.  Horoscopes are the devil’s counterfeit.   

 The Hebrew name of the month, represented by a Hebraic letter, is a pictogram.  The “picture” of the month gives insight into its meaning.  Each of the twelve months are also linked with one of the twelve  tribes of Israel.  The characteristics of the month are driven by the characteristic of its tribe as described in the Word.

 So what does all this mean?  God’s plan is a plan of redemption and blessing.  He has set “appointed times and seasons” for us to meet with Him and receive revelation so that we can fulfill our destiny.  His cycles of blessings are meant to take us from one level of glory to another – glory to glory, strength to strength.  I like to picture it as a spiral that leads upward toward heaven.  Each year we celebrate the same feasts, but if we are moving with God through His cycles, we are celebrating on a higher level each year.  We continue to gain revelation as we go through the cycles. 

 The Firstfruits celebration is a time to gain strategy. If we will set apart the first of the month to celebrate with Him, God will reveal what to watch out for and how to pursue our destiny to its fullness.  God wants to give you the keys to increase and multiply in your life.  He wants you to succeed!  He wants you to regain what the enemy has stolen from you.  He wants you to understand how to work with the angels. 

 You may ask why you haven’t heard much about this if it’s so important.  The truth is that God’s Feast times are something that the enemy has wanted to keep a secret;  so, using the religious spirit, he sought to convince the early church that these were “Jewish” and they didn’t belong to “Christians.”  He wanted the church to believe that these were the old dispensation so that we would miss out on the blessings that Abba Father wanted to give.  He was very successful at this – for a time.  But now, God’s people are hungry for Truth.  By searching the Word, one cannot escape the emphasis on celebrating God’s Feasts.  Hunger has caused people to ask the Holy Spirit the important question – “Are these relevant for us today?”  And He is responding by restoring this revelation to the Body of Christ.  There are many that still have not understood it, but God wants all His people to know the Truth.  He wants all His people to receive His blessings.  This is how we will become the pure and spotless Bride of Christ.  God is restoring Truth to His people.  If you don’t yet know anyone that participates in these feasts, begin to ask Holy Spirit to teach you and lead you to others that have this understanding.  He will certainly do that and then you can be one that leads others to their blessings. 

 This is the season to step into all God has to offer.  Don’t miss your blessings.  Celebrate Firstfruits!

For more on this subject, get A Time to Advance by Chuck Pierce and Robert and Linda Heidler


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