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What Do Legos and Taxes Have In Common?

12 January 2012

I had to laugh.  For the past several days, I was fretting over whether or not to spend $125 to send my son to a Lego Class.  I felt that this was something that would really benefit him at this time.  I am always torn between spending money I have on things that aren’t absolutely essential but desired, or holding on to every cent to make sure bills are paid.  I never know where the next funding is going to come from for my bills, so planning and budgeting is basically impossible.  I must live by asking God and making decisions based on what I believe He is saying.  I am always super conservative.  I give and believe but never want to be presumptuous regarding what I need versus what I want. 

So, while I paid half the amount to the Lego class and was wondering where the other $60 was going to come from, a bill for $5100 comes in the mail that’s due by Feb 1, the same time the $60 is due.  Ha!  I looked up to my Heavenly Father and chuckled, “OK, Dad, whatcha gonna do about this?”  Of course, when I saw the big bill, fear started racing through my mind, but I quickly had to put the brakes on it and return to remembering how BIG my God is!  Truth is, for the past 3 years He has arranged for our taxes to be paid.  Truth is, He has been fighting for our house that’s been in foreclosure for the past 2 years and has reassured us of a favorable outcome over and over again.  This situation has sat in court for a long time, but is now moving forward and we have every reason to believe for the BEST!  Has God brought us through all this only to let taxes trip us up this year?  I don’t think so!  For three years my husband has only worked short stints at temporary jobs or side jobs, yet God has provided for us and never have we had a utility shut off or had a monthly payment that didn’t get paid.  At times, it seemed there was no way we would survive, but we have survived by the grace and mercy of our Loving and Gracious Father!   

And now we are in a new season, the season of miracles, the season of abundance, the season of the latter rain!  God has been speaking through His prophets and there is agreement that NOW is the TIME for promises to be seen, NOW is the time that God is releasing inheritance so that the Kingdom of God can advance.  Financial issues have been a major struggle for much of the Body of Christ in the past several years.  Many have lost everything, many have been without jobs, many have lost houses, but this is the TIME of restoration.  God has tested and tried His people and now He is bringing us forth like gold.  He is about to entrust the riches of heaven to those that have been tried and proven.  He is about to meet our little needs that seem so huge to us, so that we can take the riches of Heaven and BUILD His Kingdom.  My house needs lots of repairs after years of no maintenance, but those things are so small to our God.  He is concerned about building His House and it takes lots of money to accomplish these things.  God has demonstrated this through Glory of Zion Ministries’ purchase of the old Boeing facility in Corinth, TX.  This old warehouse and desolate land has been transformed into a Global Kingdom Outpost in just about one year. Global Spheres Center is now a gathering place for the nations, as well as a community center.  The facility houses a large sanctuary for major conferences, an international Prayer Tower, an eating area, offices, a recreation center, business offices and a beautiful Israel prayer garden.  They transformed the building and the land with great beauty. It reflects the glory and majesty of God’s kingdom.   As they put their faith and their hands to work, God supplied the finances to complete this colossal project.  It is truly beautiful and a testimony to what God is about to do through His Body in the earth.  If you don’t know about this project, you can check out their testimony at www.gloryofzion.org   It’s really important to “see” what God has done here!

Writing this little testimony has caused me to remember the goodness of God.  I hope that whatever you are facing today that looks impossible will become small in the light of Glory of God.  Take time today to remember how He has carried you in the past several years.  Look around and see how He has carried others.  Let go of judgments against others and acknowledge God’s goodness to all.  Then let your faith arise!  Get to work building what He has told you to build and trust Him to supply all your needs according to His riches in Glory.  Hold on to every promise, for this is the TIME for promises to come to pass.  This is the time for restoration.  Call forth the new to arise from the ashes and be blessed!


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