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100 Thank You’s – Just a Small Offering of Thanks to My God

24 November 2011


  1. Thank you, Lord, that You are with me, my Emmanuel,

  2. That you will never leave me nor forsake me,

  3. Thank you that you have given me Your Holy Spirit,

  4. Thank you for Your Word that is a light to my feet and a lamp to my path,

  5. Thank you that You are Faithful and True. 

  6. Thank You, Father, that You gave Your only  Son,

  7. Thank you that You saw me before the foundation of the World,

  8. That you made me in Your image and likeness,

  9. Thank you that have an eternal plan of redemption,

  10. Thank you that You are a loving Daddy.

  11. Thank You Jesus, that You went to the Cross because You loved me,

  12. Thank You that were obedient even unto death,

  13. Thank You that You gave Your life so I could live,

  14. Thank You that You forgave and forgive me,

  15. Thank You that for Your shed Blood.

  16. Thank You Holy Spirit that You are my Comforter,

  17. My Teacher,

  18. My Guide,

  19. That you release revelation and truth to me that I might truly see,

  20. Thank you for changing me.

  21. Thank you for all the resources of Heaven that are now mine,

  22. Thank you for the Angelic Host that are here to hearken to my voice,

  23. Thank you for giving me authority in Your Name,

  24. Thank you that You have seated me in Heavenly places with You,

  25. Thank you that you have called me.

  26. Thank you for hope,

  27. Faith and

  28. Love,

  29. Thank you that you never change your mind about me,

  30. Thank you that You have gone before me to prepare a place for me.

  31. Thank you that I am never alone,

  32. That you set the lonely in families,

  33. That you call me as a little child to sit with my Daddy,

  34. That you snuggle me up and hold me close to Your heart,

  35. That nothing can separate me from Your love.

  36. Thank you that you rule and reign for all eternity,

  37. That there is no one greater than you,

  38. That you are all-knowing,

  39. Ever-present,

  40. And All-Powerful.

  41. Thank you that you have the last Word,

  42. That you are the beginning and the end,

  43. That all things are held together by You,

  44. That you are the Firstborn from the Dead,

  45. That you are fairer than the Sons of Man.

  46. Thank you for the beauty of your creation,

  47. That you do all things well,

  48. That you pay attention to every detail in every life,

  49. That you always have our best interest at heart,

  50. Thank you for coloring our world.

  51. Thank you for the awesome wonder of the human body,

  52. For every animal and creature in the earth,

  53. That each one is unique, colorful and glorious,

  54. Thank you for all the plants, trees and flowers,

  55. That you have given us life through your creation.

  56. Thank you that you know every hair on my head,

  57. That you numbered each of my days,

  58. That you carefully watch over me every minute of my life,

  59. Thank you that your eyes are on every person for all eternity,

  60. That you love each one, not because of what we do, but because You made us all.

  61. Thank you that you are merciful and kind,

  62. That your love endures forever,

  63. That you hedge us in with Your love,

  64. Thank you that your love never fails,

  65. Thank you that you are LOVE!

  66. Thank you that nothing is too difficult for you,

  67. That you are a God that does miracles,

  68. That you are the same, yesterday, today and forever,

  69. That you are our Healer,

  70. And that you Deliver us from evil and all temptation.

  71. Thank you that you rescue us,

  72. That you don’t allow us to be tempted beyond what we can handle,

  73. That you know our frame,

  74. Thank you that you are mindful of man,

  75. Thank you that always provide a way of escape.

  76. Thank you that You are Righteousness,

  77. That you are the King of Kings and

  78. The Lord of Lords,

  79. Thank you that you establish justice and

  80. That Your Kingdom will never end.

  81. Thank you that You are coming again,

  82. That your Kingdom is coming to Earth as it is in Heaven,

  83. Thank you that you are releasing Your Glory into the Earth as never before,

  84. Thank you that Your government continues to increase,

  85. Thank you that every knee will bow and every tongue confess, “You are Lord.”

  86. Thank you for the privilege of worshipping You,

  87. That you are a God that makes Yourself known to Your people,

  88. That you are not distant, but you desire relationship,

  89. Thank you that we truly can experience you with all our senses,

  90. Thank you that you are our Bridegroom and we are Your Bride.

  91. Thank You that You are Holy,

  92. That You dwell in unapproachable Light,

  93. That You are the Light of the World,

  94. That you are the Ancient of Days,

  95. That you are the Rock of the Ages.

  96. Thank you that All Power and Glory belongs to You,

  97. That you are the Mightiest of the Mighty,

  98. That there is no God like You,

  99. That Your Name is the Name above all Names,

  100. And yet You know me by name!

I love You, Abba Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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