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Shana Tova!

29 September 2011

Today we welcome the new Hebrew year 5772, a time to pierce the world structures and recover all!  It is a time for celebration and a time to set the course for the year ahead.  In Jewish homes, many will be dipping apples in honey as a way of declaring the new year will be full of sweetness.  When leaving the House of Prayer, the Jews bless each other saying, “May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.”   

What does it mean to be sealed for a good year?  This celebration was designed by God as a day to blow the trumpet.  There are many scriptures that instruct the people to blow the trumpet for various reasons, but this day there is a special significance to the blowing.  The prophetic meaning of this Biblical Holiday is so relevant to us today.  The sound of the trumpet is a call to AWAKEN.  Awaken from your slumber, from your routines, from business as usual to the call of God.  Awaken to His Presence and to His eternal plan.  The time is short!  Consider your ways before God and hear His voice.  It is the voice of the Bridegroom calling to His Bride.  It is an alarm that gives warning, there is still time to return to the Lord with all your heart. 

 The trumpet sound is a call to action.  The next 10 days are to be days of reflection and repentance.  We are called to consider our ways and consider Him Who made us.  Are there areas of your life that are not aligned with God’s purposes?  Do you know the precious plan He has for your life and are you submitting to His leadership to bring it about?  Are there habits and routines that hinder you from knowing Him more?  If you ask the Lord to reveal these things to you, He will.  That’s what this time is for,  it leads us back to Him. 

 Jesus Christ shed His own blood for us when He died on the Cross.  His blood is the atonement that we need.  It does not fade away each year like the annual sacrifice of a goat did on the Day of Atonement in Old Testament times.  His sacrifice was once and for all, for all men and women that would receive it.  It’s not about you, it’s all about what He did.  You cannot earn it, you can only accept it.  His blood is the salvation that brings us back into right relationship with God, but it doesn’t stop there.  The salvation of the Lord is not only for forgiveness, it’s for being who God created you to be, a son or daughter of the Living God.  God created each one of you with a purpose, a destiny in His Kingdom.  We must be awakened to the enormity of His call.  Most Christians don’t realize just how much God prepared for them in His Kingdom.  He didn’t send Jesus to the Cross just for your forgiveness.  That is only the starting place.  Once you know you’re forgiven, there is much more for you to know and to do.  He wants you to know Him deeply, just as you are deeply known by Him.  He wants to share secrets with you, to impart gifts to you, to give you incredible assignments that will cause others to know Him too.  He wants to show you His Glory….think about it! 

 So I pray today that you are “sealed for a good year,”  sealed by the Blood of Jesus, knowing that you are a child of His Promise, You are called to greatness in Him, You are anointed with the Holy Spirit and full of the Life of God.  You are sealed with the Reality of Jesus Christ on the inside of you.    You were not made to hide out awaiting Jesus’ return to rescue you from the wicked world.  You are made to be a victorious warrior, knowing His will and enforcing it, taking back the captives and setting them free, bringing light into every dark place.  You are called to take dominion in the earth.  This is an exciting and adventurous call.   Religion is boring, but life in the Kingdom is brimming with joy and excitement in Christ. 

 Hear the sound of His voice, the trumpet, as He calls you today.  Turn aside and listen to what He has to say.  Take these next 10 days to get reacquainted with the Word of God and His purposes.  Then set your heart on Him and get ready for the ride….

 Be sealed in Him and have a Sweet Year!

 Shana Tova!


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