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Hear the Hoofbeats!

23 September 2011

The war horse of Heaven is standing over His people, breathing on our faces, calling us into the season of war.  God has issued the war cry and commissioned His army to recapture what the enemy has stolen from us, from our families, from our cities and our nations. 

Just as the Israelites had to decide when they stood waiting to enter the Promised Land, so must we decide.  God has given us the land, He’s given us the victory, He’s given us our inheritance.  Are we courageous enough to possess it?  This is not the hour to shrink back.  Caleb and Joshua were the only men of courage among their generation.  The rest knew what God had promised, but they SAW the giants and were afraid.  What they saw spoke louder than God’s promise.  We are a people destined to possess our inheritance and take back what has unrighteously been snatched away from us.  We must take the next step. 

This is the season of covenant.  As we reaffirm our covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ, so He confirms His covenant with us.  Don’t be afraid to let go of lesser things to possess the superior pleasure of knowing and obeying Him.  Consecrate yourself unto the Almighty Who loves you.  We must see Him as John saw him on the island of Patmos.  Ask for a revelation of Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom Warrior.  Once You see him as described in Revelation 1-3, you will never fear man, you will not be haughty, but you will be captivated by His beauty and His Glory.  You will walk in His power and His authority.  This is hour we are invited to dwell in His Glory.  Our eyes must see only Him.  The conditions on the earth are growing darker every day, but His light is shining brighter and brighter for those that have eyes to see Him.  Isaiah 60:4-5 says, “Then you will see and be radiant, and your heart will thrill and rejoice; because the abundance of the sea will be turned to you, the wealth of nations will come to you.”  When you see Jesus in this way, then you too, will be radiant and people will be drawn to your brightness.  You will receive the provision you need to complete the assignment God has given. 

We cannot fear the warfare.  Our greatest weapon is our praise, our shouts, our victory cries, our declarations of God’s Word.  We are called to stand on His Word, to be confident in His promise.  This will not be possible unless we have the intimacy of knowing His heart for us.  Otherwise we will doubt His goodness, we will be superstitious.   Words alone are of no effect, but Word and Spirit shake Heaven and earth.   Let your faith be stirred and speak it out! God’s not looking for religious activity, He looking for heartfelt praise, worship and adoration that comes from the heart of a lover.  If you find yourself feeling fearful of confronting your enemies, of shrinking back from conflict, then it’s time to get alone with God.  Repent of your unbelief and ask Him to show you Who He is for you in your circumstance.  Spend the time it takes to get a fresh revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ and then go to the battle line, launch your weapons of praise and take your ground.  Refuse to be intimidated by the smoke screen of the enemy’s lies and fabrications.  You are a child of the Living God, You were made in His image, You are His worshipping warrior.  Legions of angels, the Holy Spirit and Jesus, the Commander of the Army of Hosts, back you up as you go.  You are never alone.  Hear the hoofbeats of Heaven and march in step with your Commander.    The victory is already yours.


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