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Seeing Your Provision – A Lesson from Moses’ Tabernacle

1 June 2011

The Holy Place is where the priests went to meet with God.  The only light in the Holy Place was the menorah, a symbol of Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit gives light to illumine our path.  Across from the menorah was the Table of Showbread. Each week twelve loaves of bread were placed on the table, one for each Tribe.  This table symbolized God’s provision for His people.  The key here is that the provision could only be seen because of the light of the menorah, or the Holy Spirit.

God has placed provision on your path, but the only way you can ‘see’ it is by the illuminating light of Holy Spirit.  We must be able to ‘see’ the path, and then receive the creativity and direction Holy Spirit is giving.  We follow this path of illumination in faith and we expect to find the blessing that’s been laid up for us.

This is the key to living a supernatural life full of God’s blessings.  We must learn to draw near to listen, enjoying the fellowship of His Presence and fullness of His joy.  It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  We live in freedom, amply supplied, nourished and blessed by our Father!


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