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When the Decree is Sent Against You – CELEBRATE!

16 March 2011

Are you facing a life-threatening situation?  Is the world crumbling around you?  Are you feeling utterly defeated?  Well, then it’s time to celebrate!

This is exactly what God prescribes as a cure for our plight.  The book of Esther reveals this secret plan of God.  The wicked scheme of Haman was about to be carried out against the Jews.  For centuries, the Amalekites, the family line of Haman, hated the Jews and sought to annihilate them.  Finally, Haman saw an opportunity to carry out this plan and the King approved it.  When Esther and her uncle Mordecai found out about the plan, they sought the Lord with fasting, weeping, and repentance.  Esther had only one hope, she had great favor with the King.  So instead of running to him with tears and pleading for his help, she invited him to a feast, a celebration.  The King took great pleasure in this opportunity to celebrate with his beloved Esther and so asked her, “What is your request?”  With great wisdom, Esther invited him to a second celebration.

During this second time of feasting, Esther exposed Haman’s plot to kill her people.  The King, outraged by this discovery, and used the very tool, the gallows built by Haman to hang Mordecai, to hang Haman.  With Haman removed, Esther now pleaded for the evil decree set against her people to be revoked.  The King gave Esther and Mordecai his authority to overthrow the evil decree.  Word was sent to all the Jews throughout the land giving them the right “to assemble and defend their lives, to destroy, to kill and to annihilate their enemy.(Esther 8:11)”  So it was on the thirteenth day of Adar (March 20 this year) that the Jews destroyed their enemies.

The principle is this:  In order to overthrow your enemy and the life-threatening situation you face, first, seek God in fasting, prayer and repentance.  Make sure your heart is pure before Him.  Know that you have great favor with Him.  Second, celebrate Him in praise and worship, declare His majesty and unparalleled power.  Speak His Word, which is your weapon.  His Word, spoken by you and with His authority, overthrows the evil decree set against you.  Celebrating allows you to overcome fear, you gain boldness in His Presence.  The enemy trembles when you begin to celebrate and declare the greatness of your God.  He knows what is to come when God is roused.

The Bible tells that the month of Adar is a month which turns sorrow to joy and mourning to a holiday, that we are to make these days of feasting and joy and send presents of food to one another and gifts to the poor.   The Jews call this The Feast of Purim, an appointed time!  (Esther 9:22, 31)

God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  As He told the Jews to celebrate to overthrow their enemy, so He tells us.  Come into His Presence with joy and thanksgiving, listen to hear the strategy He will release, speak it out, then celebrate some more and watch your enemies fall.  Declare “My fear shall laugh!”


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