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Where Is The Wise Man?

11 February 2011

Failing economies, nations in revolt, terrorism, famines, earthquakes and flooding!  These are things we are reading about and seeing everyday.  Maybe you are directly impacted.  Who has the wisdom to solve these problems?  No matter how many “wise” men and women gather to discuss these problems, no matter how much money they have, no matter what school they attended or to what status they have risen, they still are unable to solve the problems of the world.  The truth is, “the foolishness of God is wiser than men and the weakness of God is stronger than men.”  (1 Cor 1:25)

The Word of God tells us that God uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise….so that no man may boast before God.  God does not desire that people suffer, but He does want people to come to Him and depend on Him.  He wants us to understand our weakness as humans and to receive the empowering that only He can give.  He calls us to submit our weakness to Him so that we can receive His strength.  What an exchange!  It only requires our humility and willingness to surrender to One greater than ourselves.  Why is this so hard?  The Bible also tells us that “Pride goes before a fall.”  Pride leads only to destruction.  Pride in our achievements, in our bank accounts, our titles, our status, etc., leads us far from God and toward certain ruin.

God is using the calamities in our world today to shake us from reliance on our own strengths, abilities, and knowledge.  In His mercy, He is calling to us to recognize our true condition.  His judgments in the earth are meant for our good, to show us our need for Him.  God is Love.  He loves us and wants us to come under the protection and blessing He offers.  We won’t do that as long as we think we can make it on our own.  Most people would acknowledge outwardly that they can’t survive in their own strength, but deep inside it is pride and deception that keeps us from admitting our true condition.  We have props, or dare I say idols, that keep us thinking, I’ll be ok as long as ____ (you fill in the blanks.)

It takes desperation and humility to bow before another and ask for mercy, to admit that you are unable to make it on your own, especially for us Westerners who have been raised in comfort, peace and safety.   We have been lulled into a false sense of security.  We have not endured what other nations have:  constant terror attacks, military invasions, extreme poverty, or dictatorships.   This is not because we in America are so wise.  It is because we have been blessed!  Divine protection was given to us because we were a nation dedicated to God and built for His Glory.  But in our prosperity, we have become self-reliant, haughty and comfortable.  Even those that are spiritual have become dull because of our comfort.  In these end-times, divine protection is lifting.  God is allowing His judgments to come to the West, not because He is mad at us, but because He loves us and wants us to return to Him.  He is offering His peace and His safety.  He is offering eternal life in Him.  He has an inheritance to give us, a place prepared in Heaven, everlasting life as part of His royal family and it begins the moment of salvation.  If you were given the opportunity to read a will that someone was leaving you, wouldn’t you rush at the chance to find out?  Your inheritance is documented in the Bible, waiting for you to receive it.

Everything we have, right-thinking, right-living, a clean slate, a fresh start, comes from God through Jesus Christ.  If we will bow before Him and offer all that we are back to Him, we can know that our days, now and forever, are protected by Him.  In the midst of calamity, we will have grace to make it through and we will receive the inheritance He has promised.  Not only that, but we will find joy and peace today.  We can face the days ahead because of Jesus.

The wisdom of man is tiny, but the wisdom of God is infinite.  The newspapers and the media do not have the answers we need.  The government, the bankers, and the elite do not have wisdom for our dilemmas.  Jesus Christ is the power and wisdom we need.  His Word is LIFE.  Let us boast in the Lord alone!


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