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So What About the End-Times?

7 February 2011

Everyone has an eschatology, a view of the end-times.  Even if you think your purpose is to be happy and have an easy life, you have an end-times viewpoint.  Our viewpoint  determines where we set our priorities and how we conduct our affairs.  The real question though is this, “Does everyone get to determine their own end-time scenario or is there ‘one’ end-time scenario that will play out for everyone on the face of the earth?”  Any logical person would agree that not everyone can be right.  We must go beyond personal thoughts, values and traditions to find a higher truth, something or someone more legitimate than ourselves.  That points us to God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Creator of you and me.  He made the world and He alone knows the truth about the end-times scenario.  Jesus, the Son of God, fully God and fully man, came to earth as a baby born in a manger.  His mission at His first coming was to redeem mankind from sin and provide the way for our eternal future with Him.  There are 89 chapters in the Bible that tell us about His first coming.  Jesus is coming again to take over leadership of the earth and there are at least 150 chapters in the Bible that tell us about His Second Coming.  It might be comforting right now to sit back and think that your happiness, peace and comfort are the most important aspects of the end-times.  Certainly there will be many others that enjoy your point of view and seek their own comfort through your message.  But does your viewpoint line up with what the Creator of Everything has to say?  If not, it might need some adjusting.  This is a life and death matter. 

Scripture is given to us as a way to understand our life and what’s to come.  It’s a guidebook to our future.  If we fail to prepare accordingly, then we face eternal judgment and the wrath of God, but that is not what God desires for us.  This is why He goes to such lengths to pursue us, to gain our attention, to jar us out of our comfort and to speak boldly confronting our misconceptions.  He is always inviting us to dine at His table of Truth and to embrace the LIFE that He has to give us.  It is His love that compels Him to continue pursuing us.  As a parent disciplines their child for their own good, so does our Father God discipline us so that we can live. 

The end-times, which I believe we are living in, is the most dramatic generation in human history.  There are two great extremes being played out before our eyes and we all have a part to play.  Before Jesus returns, the nations will witness the greatest revival and the most severe pressure that has ever been seen.   The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ is God’s end-time battle plan.  It reveals Jesus’ heart, power and leadership during this time.  Revelation 1:1 states, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants – things which must shortly take place.”  God wants to reveal, to whoever will listen, the things that are to come and to invite us into partnership with Him.  This is not a time to stand apart from God and imagine that you can make it through on your own merits!  God reveals there will be prophetic signs that increase in intensity as we get closer to Jesus’ return.  These signs include signs in the heavens, trends in society, political unrest and changing alliances, military, religious, scientific, technological and economic changes.  Understanding these changes in the context of God’s battle plan is wisdom.  Trying to draw your own conclusions based on past knowledge is futile.  This is a life or death matter. 

When Hurricane Katrina hit, people chose to ignore the warnings.  It cost many their lives.  It cost others trauma and hardship that could have been avoided.  If you are warned of things to come, yet fail to take appropriate actions, you will suffer the consequences.  We can look at how the Jews received Jesus at His first coming and learn from their mistakes.  They had been given many signs to look for through the prophets of their day.  They were looking for someone, but they failed to recognize Jesus when He was in their midst.  They wanted to cling to their own understanding, their misconceptions about who this Messiah would be and what He would do.  They were not willing to let go of their own ideas when their Savior stood right before their eyes.  We can be just like them.  We can hold so tightly to our own viewpoints that we will fail to properly assess the signs of the times and end up missing Jesus when He comes again.  He has already come to offer us salvation, freedom from sin and shame, and eternal security with Him.  There is so much wrapped up in this package of salvation that it will take us forever to unpack the treasures.  Let us not neglect His invitation.  Press in now to know the truth.  Get to know Jesus for Who He really is, our soon coming King and our Bridegroom.  Prepare yourself and your loved ones to know the signs of the times.  God is calling to you, as He did to Jerusalem.  Jesus wept over the response of the Jews, saying…..

“If you had known, especially in this your day, the things that make for your peace!  But now they are hidden from your eyes.  For the days will come…when your enemies will…level you, and your children to the ground…because you did not know the time of your visitation.”  Luke 19:42-44

Let this not be said of us!


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