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The Person-Driven Life

16 November 2010

By David Bryant

Many today call Christians to be “purpose driven.” That’s good. But think about this: to truly live a purpose-driven life, you must be passion driven because without a lasting passion for the purpose you will not be able to sustain your involvement in the purpose. But before you can be passion driven, you first of all must become promise driven. You need to live with a sense of hope about which you are passionate because you are confident these promises will be fulfilled. Ultimately you cannot be promise driven unless, first of all, you are Person driven. All of the promises of God are yes to us in the person of Christ Jesus (2 Cor. 1:21), which means they are fulfilled in Him and only belong to me because I belong to Him. We become fatigued if we are trying to be purpose driven when we are not, first of all, Person driven. But if we experience an awakening to all Christ is, our new way of seeing this Person creates a fresh sense of promise, a new fire of passion as we move out with His purpose.

This excerpt is from David Bryant’s book, Christ Is All, that can be purchased at his website www.Christisallbook.com.