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Champion Builder’s New School Year Begins

20 October 2010

A flexible schedule is one of the benefits of homeschooling.  It’s no fun to take off during the hot Texas summer months, so we go to school in the summer and take off when the weather is gorgeous.  We’ve had the last month off and are now beginning our new year.  I decided to try out the Heart of Wisdom teaching method and curriculum this year.  It takes a Hebrew approach to teaching at home which makes the Word of God the center of all other studies.  We learn about the world in context to God’s creation and purpose for all of mankind.  The approach in  My Father’s World is similar, but I felt that both the children and I would benefit from a change this year.  Heart of Wisdom is very flexible and leaves more of the planning up to Mom.  This is both good and bad, as it requires more of me, but I believe that I will be better able to discern God’s direction for our family if I don’t have someone else’s plan in front of me.  I must stay on my toes this year!  In addition to the curriculum change,  I’m hoping to see piano, dance and sports added to our activities this year.  And since cursive writing was tackled last year, typing will be the new challenge this year.  We might even increase the incentive for writing by letting the kids create their own blog!

The Bible is the best history book there is and it provides the road map for our studies this year.  I am delighted to be able to teach through the Old Testament and gain an understanding of the land, the people and cultures, other religions and warfare of those ancient civilizations.   After just one week, I can already see the benefit of understanding the warfare terminology and geography around Israel at that time.  In our study of creation, the kids wrote their own poems today.  I wanted to share their work because I am so proud of them!  Just click on the thumbnails to read the poems.