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Jesus’ Heart

7 October 2010

The Spirit of God is brooding over us, calling us to be awakened to the vision of being a Lover of God.  What does it really mean to be a Lover of God?  What does it mean to be intimately acquainted with His heart?  The Bible has much to reveal to us about the depth of God’s love and His invitation to us to be the Bride of Christ.  God has called us to salvation, not only to save us from death and hell, but so that we are positioned to engage in a deep, intimate relationship with His Son for all eternity.  The Father was so passionate about this that He sent Jesus to the Cross to endure a violent death.  The intensity of the Father’s love for us is the same as the intensity of His wrath against all that hinders love.  He is not passive in His desire for us sitting by hoping that we will respond.  He is passionately pursuing our hearts.  The only appropriate response from us should be a passionate pursuit of His heart, a desire to seek Him with all of our heart in an effort to understand this One that gave it all for us.  What is He really like?  What is He thinking about, what does He feel?  Who is this man, Jesus?  Do we really know Him?  God does not force Himself upon us, rather He invites us into intimacy.  Today, we are invited into an eternal intimate journey into His heart.  Let’s not neglect His invitation.  Let’s not ignore the Love Letter written to us in His Word.  Let’s take our children, our families, our friends and the strangers on the road along on our quest to embrace His heart and understand His passionate love for us.


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