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Pressing Out Our Faith

1 September 2010

Faith is evidence of what we believe; it is seen by others in our actions.  Faith establishes a proof of what we believe; as such, today’s most difficult challenge is my most accurate measure of what I truly believe. Our prayers and actions must be established this way. Any approach established primarily on desire, rather than on God’s Word and His will, yields disappointment, even unbelief.

Quote from Shirley Weaver, A Clear Trumpet 3/16/09

In difficult times, we must ask ourselves, “What do I really believe?”  In other words, our faith gets tested.    We want to believe God is always good, but when hard things happen, it can be hard to keep believing.  That, my friends, is how God tests our hearts.  He wants us to see our own heart condition and choose Him even when circumstances are not good.

We all have many desires. If we are allowing God to direct our hearts, then our desires probably are aligned with God’s promises.  We long to see God’s promises come to pass, plans for good, not evil, plans to prosper and not to harm.  However, in the process of attaining the promise, the Lord allows the testing which can look like evil and harm.  Yet His promise is for good, for greater anointing and ability in Him – just what we really desire.

I’ve gone through some very difficult seasons and experienced my share of anger.  The emotion of anger was very real, born out of complete frustration and inability to understand God’s ways. I hear many today that are facing circumstances that are difficult and they’re saying, “I feel angry with God.”   We wrestle with God and the seeming contradictions between promise and circumstance.  We look for reasons that our mind can understand.  We want to blame someone because someone has to be at fault for all the pain and difficulty we are experiencing.   If we can’t find someone else to blame, we end up blaming God.  Then we try to bring our case before Him and defend ourselves.  Job tried this with God.  But God never responded to Job’s defense, He just pointed out that His ways were a bit higher than Job’s and Job’s response ultimately was, “I didn’t know what I was talking about, I will just be silent.”  Sometimes, when we don’t understand, we just need to be quiet.  We need to trust God to work it out and focus our energy on loving Him.  We must wrestle through the emotions that try to keep us away from Him and press into His presence.

In our hardships, our Father is lovingly doing a work in us for our good.  It is something awesome.  We cannot see the finished work yet.  Our confusion and inability to understand make us so uncomfortable.  The “hard season” may go on way longer than we expected.  But truly, we have staked our claim on the Creator of the universe!  Has He ever failed to deliver on His promises?  No, He is trustworthy.  We think we can’t go another day, but He knows just what we can bear.  We can’t see the provision that is right under our nose, but He has already positioned it there for us to find.  The mystery of our God is profound, and He has given all the heavenly help we need.  Our challenge is to dig deeper and find out just what resources we have.  Our resources are often spiritual ones that we don’t understand yet.  Actually, we may not even value these spiritual resources much because we’re so caught up in worldly thinking.  We think in terms of our material world, we look for the “ways and means” we’ve always used to solve our problems, but there are heavenly solutions.  God has given a heavenly host to surround us and work on our behalf.  He has released grace for us to stand.  He has given His Word that is living and active.  Holy Spirit is in us and He is able to bring enlightenment to the dark corners of our thinking.  When we are pressed, we have the opportunity to learn how to tap into this realm and “connect” with heaven.  We can learn how to communicate and interact with angels.  Just because we don’t fully understand this, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  God has given us gifts that we haven’t figured out how to use!

Our Father sees our struggles, He knows our weakness, yet He does not condemn us.  Jesus weeps with us, but He has an answer for us.  Let us not stop at tears and sorrow.  Let us press on to the Joy set before us, the joy of having Christ in us, the hope of Glory!  Let us enter into hope-filled discovery of every spiritual resource we have been given.  Then labor to enter into His rest.  May we continually remember His faithfulness and have confident expectation that when He has tried us, we shall all come forth like gold!   Those who hope in the Lord shall not be disappointed!


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