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A Season to See

26 July 2010

Courtesy of Glory of Zion Intl Ministries

At the beginning of the new Jewish year last September, we entered a 10 year season of seeing.  The Hebrew year is 5770.  Seventy is represented in Hebrew by the word ‘Ayin’ which means ‘to see.’  God is awakening His church throughout the world.  To be awakened means to have our eyes opened, to have our understanding enlightened.  This must occur if we are going to go to our next level of prophetic destiny.

We want the place called “beyond.”  Isaiah spoke about John the Baptist’s prophetic destiny 700 years before that word was fulfilled.  John 1 refers back to this word spoken in Isaiah 40. John was sent by God to fulfill this word, to be a witness and to testify about the “Light.”   This season is about receiving what has been spoken before “about you.”  It may not have been spoken to you, but about you. We must ask, “What has been spoken about me, Lord?  What am I receiving in this season?”  God has spoken about you before you were born!

The same thing that was spoken about John at the time of Jesus’ first coming is also spoken over our generation.  John was a down payment of this prophecy in Is 40:3-5, but end-time forerunners, in the spirit of Elijah, will be sent before the second coming of Yeshua.  (Mal 3:1, 4:5-6) God sends the messengers (forerunners) because of His great mercy.  He wants the multitudes to know Him and His plans for the End-Times before they occur so that when they do occur in increasing intensity, the people will not lose sight of God’s love, they will not be shaken again.  Forerunners rebuild the ancient ruins and raise up age-old foundations (Is 58:12 – partial fulfillment now, complete fulfillment in the millennial kingdom). Father God says, “People have to have a heart to get to know My Son.  By seeing Him and getting to know Him, you will understand Me and get to know yourself.  You must also know My Spirit or else your spirit will never fully form.”  (Word given at Glory of Zion, 2/21/10)

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.   Mt. 5:6

May you develop an insatiable appetite for Jesus, the soon coming King!


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