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Champion Builders

6 April 2010

Welcome to our homeschool in the country, where we’re training up a royal generation to build the Kingdom of God on the Earth!

We’ve been using My Father’s World since we began homeschooling in 2006.  This has been a great curriculum for us every year.  Right now both of the kids are doing Exploring Countries and Cultures and Mom is very happy.   This year’s focus is on geography, customs and cultures, habitats and native animals and missions.  We also use Singapore Math and Rod & Staff spelling.

Here are the star students …..

Hannah is in 3rd grade.  Joshua is in 2nd grade.  Our children are a gift from God.  

We do a lot of creative projects and lapbooking to keep learning fun.  My desire is to share the joy of homeschooling with you as we progress on our journey.


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